BraceAbility Kids Elastic Ankle & Foot Sleeve

This elastic ankle brace for kids can help with sprains and other minor ankle injuries. The kids’ ankle brace conveniently fits beneath one’s shoes and socks and it helps to stabilize the ankle during activity. 

Detailed Description

Kids’ Ankle Wrap for Sports and More

This ankle wrap for children provides lightweight support to the ankle in a way that will not disrupt his or her performance or irritate the ankle. The compression feature of the pediatric ankle support stabilizes the ankle. And the child-size ankle brace can be easily applied thanks to its slip-on design.

This child-size ankle brace fits easily within one’s shoe and your child can even wear it against the skin inside his or her sock.

The elastic material that makes up this child-size ankle brace is flexible and stretchable for a comfortable fit, even during athletic activity. This material is also lightweight and free of latex. We offer a number of pediatric braces for kids in sports and more.

Elastic Ankle Brace for Kids

Kids are highly active individuals and their youth does not protect them from injuries. Like adults, they, too, can land a jump off balance and sprain an ankle. Therefore, it only makes sense that we also offer child-size ankle braces. (For larger sizes, check out our lineup of ankle braces and supports for adults.)

Wearing a small ankle wrap like that can help support and hold a sprained or otherwise injured ankle in position so that it heals more quickly as well as correctly. The wrap-around design of this ankle brace for kids also provides compression, which is beneficial for reducing inflammation after a number of ankle injuries.

Some, especially those involved in high-risk activities or who have experienced ankle injuries in the past may benefit from wearing this small ankle wrap for preventive care.

Another advantage of this inexpensive kids’ ankle support is that it is much easier and quicker to apply than a tape-job to the ankle that provides similar benefits.

Key Features of BraceAbility’s Kids’ Ankle Brace

Besides its child-friendly sizing, this pediatric ankle brace has a number of features that make it a good choice for supporting and/or protecting your child’s ankle. They include:

  • Wrap-around design mimics the effect of ankle taping
  • The kids’ elastic ankle wrap fits easily beneath one’s socks and shoes
  • Child’s ankle support provides compression
  • This small ankle wrap for children and teenagers provides mild ankle support for sports and recovery from sprain & strain
  • Lightweight fit makes this an ideal children’s sports brace
  • Elastic ankle support construction
  • Comfortable, flexible fit
  • Slip-on pediatric support leaves forefoot and toes unrestricted
  • Latex-free ankle brace for kids
  • Color: Beige
  • Children’s ankle sleeve is available in two sizes based on the circumference of the ankle at its widest point. For larger sizes, check out our selection of elastic ankle braces for adults.
    • Small: 7”-8”
    • Medium: 8.25”-9”

Sizing Chart

SizeAnkle Circumference
S7" - 8"
M8.25" - 9"
Measure the circumference around your ankle at its widest point

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BraceAbility Kids Elastic Ankle & Foot Sleeve

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