Bort Pediatric Elbow Brace Support Sleeve for Kids

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This pediatric elbow support applies targeted massage to ease elbow pain and reduce strain on one’s tendons.  The youth padded arm sleeve is comfortable to wear, even for active use, thanks to the CoolMax material of which it is composed. This material is lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. We also offer larger sizes of this youth elbow sleeve

Detailed Description

Pediatric Elbow Brace

This youth elbow sleeve is a high-quality product for easing elbow pain stemming from a number of elbow injuries in kids, including (but not limited to):

This youth elbow brace features two silicone pads that apply intermittent massage to the soft tissues of the elbow. This eases pain and the traction where the tendon connects to the bones/muscles. This intermittent massage also accelerates healing.

The degree of pressure each of the pads applies can be individually adjusted thanks to the Stabilo strap that is another component of this kid’s elbow brace. See more padded elbow braces.

The elbow brace for kids is form knitted, with a reduced pressure area at the bony point of the elbow. The kids’ elbow sleeve and pressure pad help support the ligaments, tendons, cartilage, etc. in the elbow area, easing pressure on the joint.

The special Coolmax material of this child elbow brace is moisture-wicking for a drier, more comfortable fit. This material is also breathable, soft and lightweight. All of this makes for a more comfortable recovery from a kids’ elbow injury.

This brace for an elbow fracture in kids and more comes in child-friendly black and green colors. See more pediatric braces.

Youth Padded Arm Sleeve for Child Elbow Injury

Kids’ elbow pain and injury are relatively common, especially among children who are very active. This is especially true among those in organized sports involving overhead activity like baseball, softball, football, tennis or golf.

A fall onto an outstretched arm, a forceful overhead throw or impact to the elbow can break, strain, dislocate or otherwise damage the tissues of the elbow, causing an acute injury.

Or a child might develop elbow pain by performing repetitive motions over time. Such overuse injuries often lead to chronic elbow pain. For instance, many kids develop “little league elbow” (medial epicondyle), which is characterized by painful inflammation in the vicinity of the growth plate at the inner part of the elbow, from frequent throwing of a baseball.

Whether one is dealing with an acute or chronic elbow injury, this pediatric sleeve for the elbow can help reduce painful inflammation and speed healing. The compression and targeted massage this pediatric brace for the elbow applies improves blood flow, which helps reduce inflammation more quickly and promotes healing. This can also help ease stiffness.

The anatomical knit of the material also provides lightweight support. And the pressure-reduced elbow area is ideal for this sensitive area of the body.

The material of which the elbow compression sleeve is composed is cool and lightweight, making it an ideal kids’ athletic elbow brace.

Bort Youth Elbow Brace Features

This unique, comfortable brace has a number of features that make it effective for treating children’s elbow pain. Following is a breakdown of its selling points:

  • Coolmax material wicks moisture away, keeping skin dry
  • Knitted, moisture-transfer material helps regulate temperature
  • Elbow sleeve with pads allow full joint movement
  • Breathable and lightweight child-size elbow brace
  • Elbow compression sleeve is soft against the skin
  • Cool, flexible fit makes this an ideal elbow brace for sports
  • Padded elbow brace comes in child-friendly black and green colors
  • Brace for pediatric elbow pain is composed of anatomically knitted material
  • Child’s elbow sleeve has a pressure-reduced area at the bony point of the elbow.
  • Two silicone elbow pads apply intermittent massage to the elbow
  • Stabilo strap allows individual adjustment of how much pressure each pad applies
  • Targeted compression eases inflammation, tendon traction and pain
  • Compression can also speed healing of pediatric elbow injuries
  • Treats: Tendonitis, elbow strain, general elbow pain, medial epicondylitis, lateral epicondylitis, tendomyopathy and more
  • Also compatible as a brace after some elbow surgeries
  • Length: 7.9 inches
  • Child-size elbow splint fits forearm circumferences (measured 2 inches below the elbow joint) of 7.5 inches to 8.75 inches
  • For larger sizes, check out Bort’s adult elbow support brace

Sizing Chart

Measure the circumference around your arm, 2 inches below elbow joint. This child size elbow brace fits a 7.5" to 8.75" circumference.

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Bort Pediatric Elbow Brace Support Sleeve for Kids

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