Runner's Knee Brace for Patellofemoral Tracking

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This patella knee brace provides dynamic support to one’s kneecap via its buttress for proper patella tracking and versatile strapping system. The c-shaped buttress of the patellofemoral knee support can be flipped for either lateral or medial support. And the tension of this brace for runners’ knee injuries can be customized to one’s desired level of support and compression. This sleeve for patellofemoral pain also comes in plus sizes. 

Detailed Description

Runners Knee Support for Patellofemoral Tracking

The patella that is vital to movement is also vulnerable to injuries that can make it difficult and/or painful to go about one’s day, let alone engage in athletic activity. Tight tissues, muscular imbalance or overpronation of one’s feet can all cause one’s kneecap to track improperly, resulting in the bone rubbing against the groove in which it resides. This roughens the surface of the kneecap, leading to patellofemoral pain.

This patella brace can ease discomfort stemming from an improperly tracking kneecap, as well as the following other injuries to the knee:

One of the reasons this runner’s knee brace can help with so many other sources of pain in the knee is that its c-shaped buttress can be flipped. Therefore, this support for patellofemoral joint pain offers both medial and lateral support.

The buttress keeps the kneecap centered within its groove for smoother movement of the bone that does not involve grinding against neighboring structures. And the four-part strapping system of the brace for pain behind the kneecap allows dynamic tension control.

This addresses the problem some patellofemoral pain braces have in pressuring the kneecap in place, which can lead to further grinding. The open patella design of the kneecap tracking brace also helps to keep pressure directly off the patella.

The patellofemoral pain syndrome brace is constructed of premium-grade neoprene that is compression molded and textured so that it hugs the leg. This material is soft against the skin and it holds in heat, soothing a sore or stiff knee joint. The compression applied by the knee sleeve for runners’ knee also helps reduce inflammation around the kneecap.

The brace for patellofemoral pain syndrome treatment is free of latex, so that it can be used by those with sensitivities to the material.

Patellofemoral Knee Brace for Knee Pain from Running

Patellofemoral pain, also known as runner’s knee (learn about knee pain from running), refers to knee pain at the front of the knee that might stem from a number of causes, including a misaligned or dislocated knee cap, overuse, flat feet, trauma, or tight, imbalanced or weak thigh muscles.

Such things can pull the kneecap out of its normal alignment as it moves, which wears it down and causes its surface to roughen. As you might imagine, a sandpaper-like kneecap surface will not move as smoothly or painlessly as a normal, smooth patella.

Treatment of patellofemoral pain (and many other knee injuries) involves stopping any activities that irritate the painful area, following the RICE method of resting, icing, compressing and elevating the knee and taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

A patellofemoral pain knee brace that helps the kneecap track properly can play an important role in treatment. Besides the benefits of proper tracking, the support helps protect the kneecap against additional damage. And the compression the patellofemoral pain brace provides reduces inflammation.

In addition, the neoprene knee brace for runners warms the kneecap, easing pain and reducing knee stiffness.

The added support also makes this a popular brace for runners’ knee pain during physical therapy or as one gradually eases back into physical activity.

Of course, rest and bracing should not be a permanent solution to patellofemoral pain syndrome if the underlying cause is one that can be remedied.

If tight or imbalanced muscles are the culprit, permanently fixing runners’ knee will require correcting these issues via strength and flexibility exercises. If one’s overpronated or flat foot is to blame, one should consider adding orthotic inserts to one’s shoe.

Knee Brace for Patello-Femoral Syndrome & Subluxation

This patella knee injury treatment is a valuable tool for easing discomfort and providing stability to a sore knee after running. Following are some of the features that enable it to do so:

  • C-shaped buttress of the brace for pain behind the kneecap controls patella movement
  • Buttress is removable and can be placed on either side of the knee. Thus the knee brace helps with lateral or medial patella instability, patella subluxation, patellar tracking disorder, patella dislocation and more.
  • Buttress of the patellar tracking knee support is compression molded and textured
  • Patellofemoral pain orthotic supports and stabilizes the kneecap
  • Versatile strapping system of the patellofemoral brace permits dynamic treatment
  • Four Velcro closures allow customized tension control
  • Premium-grade neoprene makes the knee support for patella pain soft against the skin
  • Neoprene holds in warmth, making this a soothing brace for knee pain from running
  • Latex-free knee brace
  • Open-patella brace for pain under the kneecap keeps pressure off the tender area
  • Treats patellofemoral pain syndrome, patella subluxation,  dislocated knee caps, patella tendon injuries, knee instability and more; can help with rehabilitation after a knee injury
  • Hook-and-loop Velcro closure makes application and removal quick and easy
  • Straps keep the knee sleeve for running-related knee pain suspended
  • Spiral stays on either side of the kneecap pain brace prevents it from rolling over
  • Available in eight sizes based on the circumference of the leg above, at and below the kneecap
  • Application of the patella pain brace is simple, involving positioning the buttress on the affected side, sliding the sleeve over the knee, positioning it as needed and then securing the small and then the large straps to the desired level of tension
  • Bariatric / plus sizes of this brace for patellofemoral tracking are available, up to 4XL

Sizing Chart

Size6" Above Mid-PatellaMid-Patella6" Below Mid-Patella
X-Small16" - 18"12" - 13"11" - 12"
Small17" - 19"13" - 14"12" - 13"
Medium18" - 20"14" - 15"13" - 14"
Large19" - 21"15" - 16"14" - 15"
X-Large20" - 22"16" - 18"15" - 16"
2X-Large21" - 23"18" - 20"16" - 17"
3X-Large24" - 26"20" - 22"17" - 18"
4X-Large27" - 29"22" - 24"18" - 19"
Measurement taken at the circumference of the indicated portion of the knee

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Runner's Knee Brace for Patellofemoral Tracking

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