Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe

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The Orthowedge Shoe with Eva Insole is great to wear while healing a broken toe, or after a toe surgery like a bunionectomy. This orthowedge shoe protects the forefoot and toes thanks to its dorsi-angle bottom that shifts weight back to the mid-foot and heel. The EVA insole provides lightweight support, making this broken toe shoe comfortable, too.
L Code: L-3260
Detailed Description

Orthowedge Shoe for Forefoot Off-loading Relief

The key element that sets this bunion surgery shoe apart from other post-surgery boots or shoes is its 15° dorsi-angle bottom. This makes users shift their weight to the mid- and heel area of the foot. The lack of pressure on the front of the foot and toes reduces pain and gives the injured area a chance to heal correctly. See BraceAbility’s full line of braces for foot conditions.

This lightweight and low-profile post surgery boot can help with a number of conditions, including:

  • Ulcers
  • Bunions or after a bunionectomy (surgery to repair a bunion)
  • Infection
  • Broken toes or forefoot fractures (including Lisfranc fractures)
  • Ball of foot pain from trauma or metatarsalgia

The other components of this toe fracture shoe are also designed with healing and user comfort in mind. For one, the toe fracture sandal has a square toe design that is roomy and acts as a protective bumper against further damage.

The bunionectomy shoe as a whole allows space for bandaging and swelling and the Velcro top closures of the medical shoe are adjustable so that one can cinch the shoe for toe fractures tighter once the swelling has subsided and/or the bandaging has been removed. See more orthotics for treating bunions.

The EVA medical shoe insoles of the support provide durable and comfortable support to the mid-foot. EVA, or ethlylene vinyl acetate, is a foam material that consists of thousands of foam bubbles filled with gas that make the material lightweight and flexible. The tricot lining of the foam is comfortable against the skin as well as durable.

Healing Shoe for Broken Toe, Post Surgery & Ulcerations

There are a number of conditions for which treatment requires limited or no weight bearing on the front of the foot. Obviously, this is a difficult task and one that compromises one’s mobility. While using crutches can get the job done, it can also result in one’s muscles wasting away in the meantime.

A preferable alternative in some cases is wearing a wedged orthotic such as this medical shoe that forces one to keep weight off the front of the foot by shifting pressure to the mid-foot and sole.

The lightweight, flexible EVA insole helps support the foot so one feels stable moving about on the wedged orthotic. And the square-toe design and highly adjustable fit of the sandal for toe fractures means the support can easily accommodate a swollen or bandaged foot.

Post Bunion Surgery Walking Shoe to Protect Toe

This convenient shoe for bunions, fractures, ulcers and more enables one to conveniently rest the front of the foot and toes. Some of its features that enable the medical shoe to do so include the following:

  • Orthowedge design with 15° dorsi-angle bottom
  • This keeps pressure off the forefoot and toes and shifts weight bearing to the mid-foot and heel
  • Square-toe design
  • Wide, open toe area acts as a protective bumper
  • Open design for breathability
  • Velcro straps can accommodate changes in bandaging and swelling
  • Two straps for a secure fit
  • EVA foam insole for lightweight support and comfort
  • Durable tricot lining
  • Black color
  • Treats: ulcers, bunions, infections, forefoot pain, fractures of the toes or forefoot bones, post-surgical care
  • Intended to be worn while healing from a broken toe or other issue where you don't want your toes from hitting the ground when walking.
  • Very adjustable, lightweight and can be worn on either foot
  • 4 sizes which fit kids and adults
  • Doctor recommended medical / hospital grade post-surgery or post-injury healing shoe that you can use at home during recovery.

Sizing Chart

SizeFoot Length
XS Up to 8.5"
S 8.5" - 9.3"
M 9.3" 10"
L 10" - 10.8"
XL 10.8" - 11.6"
Measured distance from heel to tip of toe. Accommodate for cast or bandage if needed.

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Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe

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