Obesity Belt Bariatric Belly Sling & Stomach Support

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This obesity belt supports one’s belly and helps to ease pain on one’s low-back, as might be needed in those who are obese or have seen their abdominal wall relax due to age or after giving birth. The obese belly support lifts the stomach, helping to improve posture and lessen the strain on the back.
Detailed Description

Obese Belly Support

This belly sling for obese individuals compresses and stabilizes both the abdominal region and the lumbar and sacral regions of one’s back that feel much of the stress of a heavy and off-balance belly.

There is also a pocket at the back of this obesity support belt into which one can insert a moldable back insert or an ice or heat pack. For a sleeker fit, one can simply remove the pad.

One might need an obesity belly support if one’s abdominal wall has become relaxed, allowing the abdomen to hang down (this is known as a pendulous abdomen). The imbalance this creates increases the amount of strain on the low back. This might occur due to obesity, pregnancy or geriatric (age-related) reasons.

The nylon material of which this bariatric stomach support is constructed makes it both durable and strong, while the durable elastic material of this belly support band for obesity helps it to conform to one’s body. Both of these materials are comfortable against the skin and lightweight.

The bariatric abdominal support can easily be secured thanks to hook-and-loop closures. Besides being quick and easy to adjust, this also means the obesity abdominal support is quite adjustable when it comes to changes in one’s girth. This bariatric support belt can fit waist measurements ranging from 42 inches to 60 inches.

This bariatric belly band also comes with an added obese stomach support belt that crosses over the upper part of one’s belly. This increases the support the bariatric belly sling offers and lessen the strain on one’s back.

Why Wear a Belly Sling for Obese or Overweight Individuals?

Being overweight or obese can be a causal or contributing factor to the development of a number of conditions that cause back pain, including (but not limited to):

This is the because the spine, which carries the body’s weight, is not designed to take on these excess pounds, with the possible result being structural damage to this area of the body—particularly in the lumbar spine. (BraceAbility offers a number of bariatric support braces to help with various weight-related issues.)

Exercise is an important component of addressing obesity-related back problems—not only for weight loss, but also for limiting damage to one’s back. If one does not exercise, the flexibility and strength of the back, pelvis and thigh muscles will diminish. This can lead to an increased curve of the lower back that causes the pelvis to tilt too far forward. The resulting poor posture can cause further damage and pain to the low back and possible complications in other areas of the body.

The belly bands for obese individuals that cross above and below one’s belly promote better posture by lifting one’s pendulous belly. The stomach support for obese people also stabilizes one’s abdominal region as well as the low back, adding to its appeal as a lumbar back support for obese patients.

Note: Wearing a bariatric belly support should not be a long-term solution. Over time this can lead to further weakening of the muscles of one’s core.

Another instance where a bariatric back support brace can be helpful is after giving birth when one’s abdominal muscle tone is reduced. Besides easing strain on one’s back, wearing a plus-size belly support like this that provides light compression and support can reduce afterbirth pains and limit bleeding. Some also say wearing a pregnancy bariatric girdle can get one back to one’s pre-pregnancy size faster.

Another group of people who may benefit from an obese support belt is older patients who have seen abdominal muscle strength fade with the passage of time, resulting in a low-hanging belly. Again, the support and stabilization of this belly band for obesity can provide welcome relief to the resulting low-back pain.

Key Features of Belly Sling for Obese Individuals

This obese stomach belt is a great solution for those dealing with back pain and other discomforts related to obesity or weak abdominal muscles. Following is a detailed list of the key features of this bariatric back support:

  • Obese tummy belt stabilizes the lumbar and sacral back
  • Offers stomach support for obese patients
  • The belly belt for obesity lifts the stomach, improving posture and lessening strain on the back
  • Includes a pocket at the back of the obesity support belt into which one can insert a moldable back insert or an ice or heat pack
  • Straps both below and above the belly help the over weight stomach brace to lift and stabilize the belly
  • The stomach support belt for obesity is wider at the back and narrower at the front for a more comfortable, functional design
  • This abdominal support for obesity is constructed of durable nylon and flexible elastic
  • The materials of this belly support for obese people are quite durable
  • Pendulous abdomen support binder can help with obesity-related discomfort or for geriatric or post-natal patients who have reduced abdominal muscles and/or back pain
  • The light compression this abdominal support for overweight women applies can also ease pain and bleeding after giving birth
  • This obese abdominal support has hook-and-loop closures for easy application and removal
  • The obese tummy support can also be easily adjusted thanks to the Velcro-like closures
  • Sizing of this belly support for obesity is quite versatile, enabling adjustment for changes in weight
  • Universal sizing of this obese abdomen belt eliminates the hassle of guessing which obesity belts will fit best
  • Expands from a 24” to a 60” bariatric hernia belt (based on waist circumference)
  • Bariatric support for back pain comes in a simple white color
  • The support belts for abdomen and back in extra-large sizes is lightweight and low-profile
  • The obese stomach band can be washed by hand using cold water and mild detergent

Sizing Chart

One size - adjustable - fits waist circumferences from 42" - 60"

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Obesity Belt Bariatric Belly Sling & Stomach Support

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