MedSurg Post Op Surgical Shoe

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The post op surgical shoe is indicated for those experiencing pain in their foot. With extra padding and a rocker sole design, this foot boot can help reduce pressure to the affected foot by 25%. Providing extra support and protection, patients are able to stay mobile while recovering from foot pain.
Detailed Description

Post Op Surgical Shoe

The MedSurg Post Op Surgical Shoe helps to reduce plantar pressure on the forefoot and heel. This surgical shoe is a lightweight design that is used to protect and provide comfort to the foot in order to ease pain that one may be experiencing. The extra support provided by the post op shoe allows for patients to walk comfortably and be active all day.  

Indicated for post op use, specifically when K-wires (pins) are present, as well as, after other acute foot injuries including plantar lesions, ulcerations and pressure points. The Darco foot boot helps to relieve pain by reducing the pressure that is put on it by approximately 25%. By minimizing pressure on wounds, faster healing is able to take place and keep patients mobile during their recovery time.

The post op surgical shoe comes in child, pediatric and adult sizes; males and females each have a specific shoe. The men’s sizes run wider than the woman’s sizes for a more customized fit. For the correct size, measure the length of your foot from the tip of the toe to the back of the heel. This foot boot comes in sizes S - XL. To apply, loosen the straps and place on as if you were putting on a shoe. Fasten the boot using the Velcro straps. Customize to your preferred setting and comfort level. The Velcro strap is removable and can be placed on either side of the shoe. This makes it easier to secure and adjust the shoe, depending on if you are right or left handed.

BraceAbility offers many different foot braces for many types of foot conditions that one may be experiencing, all of which help to relieve pain.

Foot Pain Boot

This off-loading boot is the most versatile post operative shoe known today. Made of tricot foam and a metashank design (aligned behind the metatarsals for greater forefoot flexibility), this foot boot is comfortable and durable for long-term use. The added support to the metatarsal and foot region is important when walking, therefore, a double-padded and removable insole is included on this boot. The fully customizable insole allows patients to find their most comfortable fit. This Darco boot also has a rocker bottom sole to better reduce pressure on the bottom surface of your foot. Plus the square- toe design creates added protection to the toes. On the midfoot area of the boot, extra treading can be found to help provide superior traction; while there is reduced friction at the toe and heel to prevent the patient from tripping. Providing protection and support are main features of the post op boot. This shoe is ideal for patients experiencing uncomfortable pain in their foot and wanting to relieve themselves of it.

There are many great features to the foot pain shoe. The elastic strap, located at the top of the boot, prevents it from slipping off your foot. The elastic and Velcro straps allow for an quick and easy application and removal process. This lightweight and breathable post op shoe can be fit to all types of patients ensures to reduce pain.

This foot boot can help relieve pain in the foot for many conditions including plantar fasciitis, plantar lesions, plantar ulcerations, pressure points, or after foot surgery. Check out our BraceAbility website for different foot conditions that you may be experiencing.

Post Op Shoe Features

  • Comfortable, durable and customizable fit for injured foot
  • Made of Tricot foam for maximum comfort
  • Metashank design helps to protect and provide more control of the foot
  • Allows for greater mobility of the foot
  • Open toe design for breathability
  • Velcro straps for easy application and removal
  • Rocker bottom sole
  • Reduces 25% of pressure on the foot
  • Traction on the midfoot
  • Indications: plantar lesions, plantar ulcerations, pressure points
  • Square- toe design for extra protection
  • Removable insole pad
  • Elastic and Velcro straps
  • Easy application and removal process
  • Quick healing process for various foot injuries
  • Color: Black
  • Available in Men's and Women's sizes - Measure the length of your foot from the tip of the toe to the back of the heel

Sizing Chart

SizeMen's Foot LengthWomen's Foot Length
S Up to 10.2" Up to 9.3"
M 10.2" - 10.8" 9.3" - 9.6"
L 10.8" - 11.4" 9.6" - 10.2"
XL 11.4" - 12.2"
Measured the length of your foot from the tip of your toe to the back of your heal. Accommodate cast or bandage in the length. Men's sizes run wider than women's size.

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L Code: L-360

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MedSurg Post Op Surgical Shoe

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