Bort Stabilo Thigh Sleeve with Compression Support Straps

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Only one size available - Medium - fits 16.75" - 19.75" circumference around the middle of your thigh

Detailed Description

The Bort Stabilo thigh brace is a deceivingly simple support, but each component has a purpose toward which it was designed. When all of these parts work together, they can help with a number of injuries to the thigh and hamstrings, like muscle tears or pulls, thigh cramps, myoschlerosis or bruising. The thigh strain treatment can also be used as a prophylactic device to prevent injuries, especially repetitive ones. Find more thigh braces here.

The brace features a special three-strap system, each of which can be adjusted to one’s desired level of tension. The oblique design of these straps provides precision compression to the problematic area. This thigh sleeve can be used as preventative protection during sports and daily activities which may put strain on the thigh, quad and hamstring muscles. It can also be used during the rehab stage of treatment for thigh muscle tears, torn hamstrings, and pulled leg muscles. This brace is made out of high-quality knitted compression materials that are breathable and comfortable against the skin. These materials will also withstand the test of time.

Sports Thigh Support for Sports Leg Injuries

If you are actively in sports then you know how fun and exciting it can be, but you may also know (and even be here because of it), that sports often come with some form of bodily injury. Not many people think too much about injuries to the thigh, and it’s true that it is pretty difficult to actually break the thigh bone, but sports like footballbasketballsoccer, or even something like hiking or running in general require athletes to have full functioning thighs. Any muscle strains or other injuries can keep an athlete out of the sport they love for lengthy periods of time. That is why this thigh brace works to compress the injury while still leaving enough mobility for people to recover comfortably.

Thigh Brace as an Alternative to Taping

Following an injury like a pulled thigh muscle, cramping thighs, etc., treatment initially focuses on getting any bleeding under control, reducing pain and inflammation and protecting against further injury. This thigh brace helps with all four of these aspects. The support of this thigh brace can also help one avoid injury, particularly repetitive ones that plague some athletes.

Plus, the hamstring brace’s individually adjustable tension straps mimics and is in many ways preferable to taping one’s muscles. For one, the brace for thigh pain relief can be easily applied without the help of others or professional training as to taping methods. Second, the thigh support stays put—one does not have to worry about re-taping or time-consuming adjustments. Finally, the thigh injury treatment can be taken off easily, quickly and painlessly without tugging on one’s skin or hair.

The hamstring and quadriceps brace provides general compression as well as targeted compression that can help immediately after an injury as well as over the long haul. The compression promotes blood flow, reduces inflammation and swelling and provides thigh pain relief. Ultimately, this can help one heal more quickly. 

There are a number of reasons this brace for quad strain treatment is a helpful product immediately after an injury as well as down the road as one progresses through rehab and/or returns to a sport. Following is a breakdown of the features:

Thigh Support Brace Features:

  • This thigh compression brace is 21 centimeters (8.3 inches) tall, and fits men or women
  • The tapered shape ensures an excellent fit even with more prominent thighs.
  • Circular belt allows for individual adjustment of compression.
  • Ideal for injuries to the thigh including sports injuries, and the prevention of recurring injuries.
  • Indications: muscle injuries (especially tears, cramps, pulls or ruptures), myosclerosis, bruising, prevention of repetitive injuries
  • The brace for the thigh helps swelling and pain to ease more quickly and speeds along the healing process
  • The three tension straps can be adjusted individually
  • The oblique thigh straps provide precise compression on musculature to mimic the effect of taping
  • One can easily apply this thigh orthotic without the help of others
  • The self-application feature of the brace can also make it a more hygienic mode of thigh injury treatment than taping
  • Knitted material of thigh sleeve is breathable
  • Class II compression material
  • Color: Black

Sizing Chart

Measure the circumference around the middle of your thigh, in inches

Medium fits 16.75"– 19.75"

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Bort Stabilo Thigh Sleeve with Compression Support Straps

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