Universal Lace-up Wrist Immobilizer Brace

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This multi-purpose wrist/hand orthosis can help with a wide variety of conditions ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to wrist sprains to tendonitis to post cast removal. Its high-quality materials that are geared toward user comfort and durability make this one of our best wrist braces. The low price tag is an added bonus with this lace-up wrist brace. 

L Code: L-3908
Detailed Description

Lace Up Wrist Supports

This sprained wrist brace is a favorite for its adjustable sizing, easy application, affordable price and its ability to treat a wide range of wrist injuries. Just a few of the wrist injuries this medical wrist brace can help with include:

This broken hand splint features a lacer closure that enables one to easily adjust the fit of the brace. The medical wrist brace also has a Velcro dorsal stay that can be repositioned to fit a variety of wrist/hand sizes and needs. The wrist splint also includes a palmar stay that can be removed, if needed. These stays are made of malleable aluminum.

The orthopedic wrist brace has a stockinette liner that is breathable, moisture-wicking and cottony soft. The exterior of this soft wrist brace is a high-performance brushed-nylon. All of the materials of this wrist splint are durable and of high quality.

The wrist immobilization splint is anatomically contoured. Plus it comes in a universal size, which eliminates the hassle of figuring out one’s size, you just have to choose between left or right. This also helps reduce inventory, making the universal wrist brace more affordable.

Best Wrist Brace for Sprains, Carpal Tunnel and More

Following a number of injuries to the wrist, a period of immobilization may be needed to allow inflammation to subside and to protect the wrist against further damage. Following the removal of a cast, a wrist brace may also be needed for support and compression. 

Because a wrist brace or splint permits some degree of movement, they are often preferable to more permanent modes of immobilization. A wrist brace can be easily removed for periods of exercise, stretches and other modes of physical therapy. This is essential for returning full range of motion to the wrist and for lessening stiffness and minimizing the risk of wrist contracture.

Wrist Immobilizer Brace

This universal wrist splint is well suited for treating a number of conditions that require immobilizing the wrist. Some examples include wrist sprains or fractures, de Quervain’s syndrome or for post-surgery care. See more post-surgery hand and wrist immobilizers.

As previously stated, this splint for wrist fracture helps to immobilize the wrist. The universal wrist brace extends partially up one’s hand to the palmar crease area; this material permits motion. There is also a strap that runs between the thumb and the first finger.  Outside of these components, the fingers and thumb are completely unrestricted.

This immobilizing wrist brace comes in universal sizes for either the right or left wrist. The fit of the universal wrist support can be easily adjusted thanks to its dual lacing closure. Also in the interests of achieving an optimal fit, the contoured palmar stay is malleable and the dorsal stay can be positioned as needed.

The wrist immobilizing splint is also quite comfortable to wear. Besides its relatively non-restricting design for the hand, the material of which the lightweight wrist brace is constructed is quite soft.

Wrist Immobilization Splint Treatments

A strong force on the wrist can cause either a wrist sprain or a wrist fracture. This might occur if one falls onto an outstretched hand during athletic activity or a car accident might damage the bones and/or ligaments of the wrist, to name just a few scenarios. 

In instances of a fracture that does not cause any displacement of bones, a splint or cast may be sufficient in terms of treatment. A wrist immobilizer may also be used to protect a fracture that has been set.

For unstable fractures or severe sprains of the wrist, surgery may be needed to repair the damage. For an unstable break, this might include the use of medical hardware such as pins, screws, plates, etc. to internally fixate the bones so they can heal.

During the healing process for either injury, it is important to keep the hand and shoulder mobile so that one maintains as much strength and range of motion as possible while the wrist is immobilized. This is yet another instance where the mobility this splint for the wrist permits is beneficial. Once one has healed “enough,” range-of-motion and strength exercises for the wrist will also be pursued.  

Features of Sprained Wrist Brace

This wrist brace for sprains and more is a high-quality hand/wrist brace that comes with an affordable price. Following is a breakdown of its key features:

  • Anatomically designed wrist immobilizer
  • Velcro dorsal stay that can be positioned as needed
  • Palmar stay that is contoured and removable
  • Stays of this laced wrist brace are composed of malleable aluminum
  • Wrist splint is made of high-quality, durable material
  • Wrist brace has a lace-up closure
  • Inner lining is breathable, soft and moisture-wicking
  • Exterior of brace is brushed nylon laminate (suede-like)
  • Slip-on application and removal
  • Indications: Carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis, sprains, strains, wrist contracture, soft tissue injury, after cast removal
  • Color: Black
  • Wrist orthotic leaves fingers free for movement
  • Splint supports and protects wrist against further damage
  • Universal sizing (fits wrist circumferences ranging from 5 inches to 9 inches)

Sizing Chart

SizeWrist Circumference
UniversalFits between 5" - 9"
Measurement taken from wrist circumference

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Universal Lace-up Wrist Immobilizer Brace

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