Cooling Knee Compression Sleeve for Running

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The breathable, lightweight material of which this knee compression sleeve for running is made is well suited for athletic activity. This cooling knee brace is also hypoallergenic, as appropriate for athletic use.
Detailed Description

Lightweight, Cool Knee Brace

This popular knee sleeve for running is constructed of a breathable neoprene alternative material that is also lightweight in the interest of a cool, comfortable fit. The material is designed with airflow in mind so it allows both heat and moisture to escape, ensuring a comfortable fit. This fabric is quite flexible and hypoallergenic, also optimizing it for sports use.

The open patella design of this running knee sleeve also improves the breathability of the product. Plus the open patella knee sleeve keeps pressure off a swollen, tender or painful kneecap.

The knee sleeve for sports applies compression around the patella, helping to reduce inflammation and promote blood flow to the region. This knee compression brace also provides lightweight knee support while one is running. See more sports braces, including running braces.

Adding to the brace’s supportive qualities, this runners’ knee sleeve comes with lightweight, plastic stays on either side of the kneecap. Besides adding support, these components also prevent any rolling or bunching of the open knee sleeve.

Knee Sleeve for Running

Knees endure a high level of strain simply by supporting the bulk of the body’s weight, not to mention moving it to and from places, enabling quick changes in motion, absorbing sudden impact and more. Not surprisingly, this can take a toll on the bones, tendons, muscles, etc. that make up this joint.

Therefore, some who subject the knee to a high level of stress, such as avid runners, opt to run with a knee sleeve to prevent injuries. And those who sustain an injury may need lightweight support and compression after a knee injury

If one is running with a knee sleeve, he or she should not be fretting about being uncomfortably hot beneath the sleeve or about swelling that heat sometimes causes. For that reason, this cool knee sleeve for running with its breathable, moisture-releasing, lightweight material and open patella design is an appealing solution. This sleeve is so breathable that if one pours water over it, the liquid will flow right through the breathable knee sleeve.

In addition, it features a hassle-free design. To put it on, simply slide the sleeve for runner’s knee problems up the leg, position the kneecap in the opening and you are ready to go.

This cool compression knee sleeve is hypoallergenic, plus it can be cleaned using warm water and mild soap.

Cooling Knee Brace for Runners and Athletes

This comfortable knee brace for athletics is a simple solution for one’s support and compression needs. Following is a list of its primary features:

  • Constructed of a highly porous material that lets heat and moisture escape for a cool knee sleeve fit
  • Knee brace is lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic
  • Cool knee orthotic provides compression and support
  • Lightweight knee support is latex-free
  • Spiral stays add support to the kneeStays also help prevent the knee sleeve for runners from bunching or rolling
  • Treats moderate knee sprains or strains, knee joint arthritis, runner’s knee injuries, etc.
  • Athletic knee brace can be used for many activities where support is needed, including running
  • Open patella knee brace keeps direct pressure off the kneecap
  • Easy, slide-on application
  • Running knee support is 13 inches long
  • Black knee compression sleeve
  • Affordable knee sleeve
  • Many sizes, ranging from a XS to a 4XL cool knee sleeve. Sizes are based on the circumference of the leg 6 inches above the mid-kneecap, at the midpoint of the kneecap and 6 inches below the mid-kneecap:
    • X-Small: 16"-18" | 12"-13" | 11"-12"
    • Small: 17"-19" | 13"-14" | 12"-13"
    • Medium: 18" - 20" | 14"-15" | 13"-14"
    • Large: 19"-21" | 15"-16" | 14"-15"
    • X-Large: 20"-22" | 16"-18" | 15"-16"
    • 2X-Large: 21" - 23" | 18" - 20" | 16" - 17"
    • 3X-Large: 24"-26" | 20"-22" | 17"-18"
    • 4X-Large: 27"-29" | 22"-24" | 18"-19"

Sizing Chart

Sizing Guide6" Above Mid-KneecapMid-Kneecap6" Below Mid-Kneecap
X-Small 16"-18" 12"-13" 11"-12"
Small 17"-19" 13"-14" 12"-13
Medium 18"-20" 14"-15" 13"-14"
Large 19"-21" 15"-16" 14"-15"
X-Large 20"-22" 16"-18" 15"-16"
2X-Large 21"-23" 18"-20" 16"-17"
3X-Large 23"-26" 20"-22" 17"-18"
4X-Large 26"-29" 22"-24" 18"-19"
Measurement taken at the circumference of the indicated portion of the knee

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Cooling Knee Compression Sleeve for Running

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