OA Unloader Knee Braces

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What is an Osteoarthritis Unloader Knee Brace?

Contrary to what the name of this brace may suggest, an unloader knee brace is not strictly for those who unload things from a truck or moving van but for anyone who may be diagnosed with OA (Osteoarthritis). According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) approximately 27 million American adults suffer from Osteoarthritis.

An unloader knee brace (also referred to as a medial unloader knee brace) unloads the stress from the affected knee. What makes an unloader knee brace effective is its ability to limit side to side movement within the knee and unload the weight to three pressure points on the femur. The brace is designed specifically in a way to force the knee to bend away from the most painful part of the knee. If one is suffering from inner knee pain (medial) the brace will shift the weight to the outer part of the knee (lateral) or vice versa.  

What is Osteoarthritis?

OA is a condition in which the cartilage within ones joints wears away with time. Osteoarthritis is often associated with older individuals because cartilage wears away naturally with time; however, OA is common in athletes who have had excessive wear and tear on their joints. The reduction of cartilage within the knee will likely allow bones to rub against each other causing pain, swelling and extreme stiffness.

If one is suffering from knee stiffness when waking up, pain that only gets worse with activity, knee weakness or a crunching sensation in the knee, you may be suffering from Osteoarthritis. A person suffering from medial compartment Osteoarthritis will have trouble keeping their knee stable even when doing simple tasks such as walking up a flight of stairs. A tell-tale sign that one may be suffering from this condition is if the knee wobbles inward toward the other knee.

Luckily, BraceAbility offers numerous braces that are perfect for minimizing Osteoarthritis pain and making everyday life a lot more manageable.

Unloader Knee Brace Treatment

One of the most popular braces available is the Ossur Unloader One Osteoarthritis Knee Brace. This state of the art knee brace works perfectly for minimizing osteoarthritis knee pain. With its flexible shell, this brace will easily conform to the unique shape of the user’s leg. Also, its new sleek design makes it easy to slip under and pair of pants and be virtually unntoticeable.

If the area where the brace is rubbing against the knee becomes irritated, look no further than the DeRoyal Elastic Cotton Slip-on Knee Sleeve to wear underneath. This easy slip on sleeve will provide that extra comfort and as well as additional compression to keep your knee feeling great.

If perhaps one finds themselves suffering from minor OA pain and is looking for a less expensive brace to help reduce pain, look no further than the Bauerfeind GenuTrain. This brace provides excellent pain relief to anyone suffering from Osteoarthritis as well as knee cap problems. Its unique silicone insert activates joint muscles and decreases swelling to provide maximum comfort to arthritic knees. This brace is highly recommended for athletes to wear when exercising because of its easy slip on and off ability and washing machine safe material.

For more information on knee braces please visit BraceAbility’s wide selection of knee braces.

Find yourself looking for a more heavy duty OA Unloader brace? Check out the Corflex OActive OTS Brace. This knee brace does wonders in reducing arthritic knee pain by unloading the stress from the knee to the rest of the leg. It provides maximum support to the knee but won’t slow you down due to its lightweight and low-profile design. This brace is also a cheaper alternative to the Ossur unloader knee brace.