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Best Knee Wraps

As many people who enjoy an active lifestyle are well aware, a life in motion comes with its fair share of knee injury risks. Running, biking, dancing, weight lifting, jumping or water skiing—all of these sports and more can result in a wide variety of injuries to the knee, affecting its ligaments (ACL tear) to its cartilage to the knee cap to related muscles. These knee injuries are treated in a variety of ways, requiring differing amounts of restricted motion, compression and support.

BraceAbility offers a variety of knee wraps for treating the vast spectrum of possible knee injuries.

Knee Compression Wrap

One of the main components of knee injury treatment is to apply compression to the injured region to reduce inflammation and promote blood flow for healing. The Bort Compression Knee Support Brace is a great option for either a standalone brace for minor knee injuries or this compression knee wrap can be used in conjunction with a more heavy duty brace, as might be required by a ligament tear to the knee.

This simple elastic knee wrap is easy to slide on and off and provides class 2 compression. This is an active wrap knee support, so it can be used in sports as a knee wrap for running, for instance. (Read about more knee injuries and pain from running.)

Another knee brace/wrap that is ideal for treating and preventing muscle strain is the Bort ActiveColor® Thigh Compression Wrap. A number of activities, such as sprinting, weight lifting or snowboarding can strain the muscles of the thigh.

This style of brace might therefore be a smart addition to one’s weight lifting knee wraps for avoiding further injury to an already strained muscle. Its comfortable, lightweight design provides compression without restricting motion.

Knee Ice Wrap

Another major component of knee injury treatment that makes up the acronym RICE is to apply ice to the region, again in the interest of reducing inflammation. Quite frankly, applying ice to the knee multiple times a day can be quite a pain. The designers at Corflex recognized this and thus created an ice knee wrap: the Corflex Cryotherm Hot Cold Knee Wrap. As you can likely infer from the title, this is not “just” an ice wrap for knee injuries; it doubles as a heated knee wrap. Another versatility factor that makes this the best knee ice wrap/knee heat wrap is that it can be used on various places on the leg and body.

This foam laminate knee cold wrap can hold up to two reusable gel packs that can be frozen into a knee wrap ice pack or warmed to a heat pack. Knee ice wraps or knee heat wraps can be effective following surgery, when treating a strain to the muscles or sprain to the ligaments or this cold compression knee wrap can be an effective arthritis pain relieving knee wrap.

The BraceAbility Hinged Wrap Around Knee Brace, which is also available as a plus size wrap around brace, features removable hinges for medial and lateral knee support and a design that makes it easy to apply and adjust the amount of compression. It is available at an especially affordable price.

Elastic Bandage for Bodybuilding Knee Wraps and More

One can also find a deluxe athletic bandage wrap by Cramer for customized knee support at BraceAbility. This elastic wrap is made of heavy gauge rubber that is able to withstand repeated washings without losing its shape or elasticity.

The material is breathable for ultimate user comfort, whether one is using the bandage to make knee wraps for squatting or for taping an injured shoulder. One bandage knee wrap purchase includes a roll that is 3 inches wide and 15 feet long.