Dance, Gymnastics & Cheerleading Knee Brace

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This knee brace for dance injuries provides lightweight, comfortable support so that wearing a dance knee brace does not interfere with one’s performance. The smooth knee brace for dancers features a silicone ring to ease pressure on the kneecap and moderate compression to ease inflammation and swelling.

L Code: L-2999
Detailed Description

Knee Brace for Dance Injuries

This knee sleeve has a number of special features that help it to stand out from other gymnastic braces. The brace for dance knee injuries has a silicone ring that redistributes kneecap pressure, easing pain and giving the kneecap a chance to heal. This ring is contoured, making this a more comfortable knee brace for gymnastics, ballet, etc.

Another component that makes this one of the best knee braces for gymnastics and more is the moderate compression the two-way stretch elastic provides.  The dancers’ knee brace conforms to the leg. And the compression of this gymnastics knee support promotes blood flow, eases inflammation and encourages healing.

The compression this cheerleading knee brace provides along with the pressure-reducing silicone ring also makes this an option for dance injury prevention.

The brace for gymnastics knee injuries is constructed of flat knitted elastic is smooth against the skin, flexible and durable. This material is also free of latex. See more elastic knee braces.

The dance knee support has spiral medial and lateral stays on either side of the knee that help stabilize it. The gymnastics knee brace is 13 inches long, providing an ideal amount of coverage. It comes in a discrete black color.

One size does not fit all when it comes to knee braces for cheerleading, gymnastics and more. Therefore, this girls’ knee brace comes in eight different sizes ranging from extra-small to 3X-large. See more knee braces for kids or plus-size braces.)

Gymnast & Dancer Knee Injury Treatment

Gymnasts, ballerinas, cheerleaders and other dancers ask a lot of their knees when landing jumps, pivoting and twirling. This increases the risk for a wide variety of injuries including (but not limited to):

Treatment for each of these knee injuries varies depending on the injury and some require more serious modes of treatment such as surgery. Nevertheless, some generalizations can be made about knee injury treatment.

Resting the knee and protecting it against further injury is often a key component of knee pain treatment. This often includes wearing knee supports, such as this knee brace for dancing. The silicone ring that reduces strain on the kneecap also makes this one of the best knee braces for cheerleading and more.

Elevating, icing and applying compression are other go-to methods for reducing knee joint inflammation that is often the culprit for knee pain. This cheerleader knee brace can help with the latter. BraceAbility also offers a number of supports for cold therapy that may function as gymnastics knee braces.

Key Features of Dance, Cheerleading and Gymnastics Brace

This knee brace for cheerleading can help with a number of dance injuries thanks to its lightweight but supportive design.

  • Contoured silicone ring of this knee brace for dancing distributes pressure away from the patella
  • Dance knee sleeve is constructed of flat-knitted two-way stretch elastic material
  • Flexible material is perfect for dancers, cheerleaders and other athletes
  • Fabric is durable and smooth against the skin
  • Dancers’ brace for the knee applies compression for inflammation reduction, support and healing
  • This sleeve for dancer’s knee injuries is free of latex
  • Knee brace for tumbling is 13” long
  • Gymnasts’ knee support includes stabilizing spiral medial and lateral stays
  • Color: Black
  • Available in sizes XS -3XL (based on the circumference around your leg, 5 ½” above the middle of your kneecap and 4 ½” below the middle of your kneecap)
    • X-Small: 14 ½”-16” | 9 ½”-11”
    • Small: 16"-17" | 11"-12 ¼”
    • Medium: 17"-18" | 12 ½”-13 ¼”
    • Large: 18"-19 ¼” | 13 ¼”-14 ¼”
    • X-Large: 19 ¼”-20 ½” | 14 ¼”-15 ½”
    • 2X-Large: 20 ½”-22" | 15 ½”-16 ½”
    • 3X-Large: 22"-23" | 16 ½”-18"

Sizing Chart

Size5 1/2" Above Kneecap4 1/2" Below Kneecap
XS 14 1/2" - 16" 9 1/2" - 11"
S 16" - 17" 11" - 12 1/4"
M 17" - 18" 12 1/2" - 13 1/4"
L 18" - 19 1/4" 13 1/4" - 14 1/4"
XL 19 1/4" - 20 1/2" 14 1/4" - 15 1/2"
2XL 20 1/2" - 22" 15 1/2" - 16 1/2"
3XL 22" - 23" 16 1/2" - 18"
Measure the circumference around your leg 5 1/2" above your kneecap and 4 1/2" below the your kneecap.

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Dance, Gymnastics & Cheerleading Knee Brace

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