IT Band Knee Strap for Iliotibial Band Syndrome

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This easy to wear IT band knee strap supports your iliotibial band, the muscle on the lateral side of your knee running from your knee to your hip. For runners, or anyone who has been experiencing symptoms of iliotibial band syndrome, this strap will help to stabilize your knee and alleviate your pain. This versatile knee strap is universal (one size fits most) and can also be worn below your kneecap to treat patella injuries.

Detailed Description

What is Iliotibial Band Syndrome?

Iliotibial band syndrome refers to the thick band of fibers running from your hipbone to your knee. When a person experiences iliotibial band syndrome they feel sharp pain, soreness, stinging, or swelling on the outside of their knee. This pain is caused when the iliotibial band or tract comes near the knee, narrowing, potentially causing rubbing to occur between the band and bone. When the iliotibial band isn’t working correctly, movement of the knee becomes extremely painful. Iliotibial band syndrome is one the most common overuse injuries with runners.

Iliotibial band syndrome is also referred to as iliotibial friction syndrome, ITBS, and It band tendonitis. Learn more about IT band syndrome and how to determine if the pain you are experiencing in your knee, thigh, or hip actually is ITBS.

What does the IT Band Knee Strap Do and How Will it Help Me?

The IT Band knee strap helps to treat symptoms of ITBS by stabilizing the knee and moving the joint. The band applies pressure to the IT band, stabilizing it in order to reduce rubbing and friction on the outside of the knee. The pressure placed through the IT band helps to alleviate the pain experienced through ITBS.

The strap should be worn two to three inches above the knee to treat ITBS, allowing for targeted compression on the iliotibial band. This versatile strap has an optional compression pad, offering extra support to your IT band. See photo above for how to properly put on this strap.

Because of its universal design, the IT band knee strap has the potential to help with multiple knee injuries and conditions outside of ITBS. If worn below the kneecap it can act as a patella band. When worn below the knee, this strap can be used to treat patella injuries like osgood schlatters, runners knee, jumpers knee, and patellar tendonitis.

Learn more about additional ITBS treatment options to use in conjunction with the It band knee strap, such as the Hip and Groin Spica Wrap.

Features of this IT Band Compression Wrap:

The IT band knee strap has a number of features that make it a popular treatment for iliotibial band syndrome. They include the following:

  • Optional compression pad for extra pressure on the IT band
  • Compression pad has velcro backing and can be easily added or removed
  • Simple and sleek black design
  • Velcro closure allowing for simple application
  • Latex-free
  • Treats iliotibial band syndrome when worn above the knee
  • Treats patella tendonitis when worn below the knee
  • Treats osgood schlatter disease when worn below the knee
  • Universal size fits most men, women and children 
  • Adjustable design offering the ability to increase and decrease pressure

Sizing Chart

Measure the circumference around your leg three inches above the middle of your knee cap. Fits up to 22 inches.

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IT Band Knee Strap for Iliotibial Band Syndrome

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