Incrediwear Compression Calf Guard Support Sleeve

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If you’re looking for a competitive edge, faster recovery periods, or relief from fatigue after a long day on your feet, these calf compression sleeves are for you. The athlete-friendly material of which this Incrediwear sleeve is constructed regulates temperature, enhances circulation, manages odor and wicks away moisture, helping it stand out from other compression calf sleeves. An added bonus? These calf compression sleeves can also be used on the arms.
Detailed Description

Best Calf Compression Sleeve

The Incrediwear TEC-3 compression sleeve for your calf or arm incorporates cutting edge technology to enhance one’s athletic performance and to treat a number of injuries. A few examples of conditions that this compression calf sleeve can help with include:

The nano anion technology fabric used in this calf support consists of a mix of bamboo charcoal fiber, lycra and rubber. The heat of one’s body activates infrared anions that, in turn, pass their energy on to the walls of the users’ cells, causing them to vibrate. This vibration increases blood flow to the area covered by the calf compression socks.

The enhanced flow of blood and oxygen flushes deoxygenated blood, chemicals, lactic acid, debris, etc. away from one’s tissues, reducing inflammation and pain. The circulation-enhancing compression sleeve for the calf rejuvenates tired muscles and helps one to bounce back from an injury or a tough workout more quickly.

The energizing qualities of these running calf wraps also mean they can help one train longer before fatigue sets in. And for those with circulatory issues, Incrediwear braces offer a simple, non-invasive solution.

The material features a 3D weave with a 360 threat count, making this compression sleeve calf support quite durable as well as soft against the skin.

The running calf sleeves are also great for thermoregulation, keeping the legs/arms cool when one is sweating and working out or warm on a chilly run.

The material of these calf sleeves for running is breathable, anti-microbial and moisture wicking. These qualities are also great for odor management. This also means there is no need to wash the calf injury wrap after every use.

The calf compression socks support to the soft tissues of the calf or arm without disrupting one’s performance thanks to their lightweight, flexible design.

The gray color of the compression calf guard goes with most workout gear.

The inexpensive price tag of this product means one can afford to purchase two of these running calf compression sleeves without breaking the bank.

The flexible shin splint guards come in two sizes—medium and large—and one can get the medium wrap for shin splints in either a 10- or 14-inch length.

Compression Calf Sleeves for Calf Injury Treatment and More

Overloading the tissues of the legs, muscle imbalances, running on hard surfaces, tight muscles, abrupt direction changes, repetitive stressors, trauma or even wearing high heels for a long period of time can all cause injuries to the calf muscles, the shins and other tissues of the lower leg.

In most cases, conservative methods will suffice for treating such leg injuries. Resting sore or tired muscles is one of the most important steps when it comes to treating shin splints, calf strains, etc. In most cases, active rest where one avoids irritating and strenuous activity is more appropriate than bedrest.

Cold therapy, compression and elevation are other common steps for reducing painful inflammation so that healing can occur. Wearing a calf/shin compression sleeve like this simplifies the compression element of these steps as one can easily wear it throughout the day.

Such arm sleeves stimulate the flow of blood to the encased region, which speeds the removal of inflammation in addition to encouraging healing.

These particular compression sleeves stand out from other calf supports in that the unique blend of charcoal and bamboo stimulates the flow of blood, so one is getting a double-dose when it comes to circulatory benefits.

The enhanced blood flow also helps with the removal of lactic acid, which also makes the calf compression sleeve popular for running, biking and other athletic activities.  

The layer of warmth provided by the wrap for shin splints also improves one’s mobility and keeps the muscles loose. The thermoregulatory properties of the calf protectors are another feature that endears them to athletes.

These compression calf guards also offer a layer of protection against the elements and other players if one is a trail runner or a soccer player, for instance. 

Features of Incrediwear Calf Compression Sleeves

Whether you are seeking a running calf support or compression calf sleeves to help with shin splints or some other injury, these lower leg sleeves are simple and effective solution for all one’s compression needs. Following is a detailed list of the many features that one gets when purchasing these affordable shin splints wraps:

  • Calf sleeves double as arm wraps
  • Indications: Shin splints, calf cramps, calf strains, Achilles injuries, arm pump, thermoregulation, arthritis, elbow tendonitis and other sources of arm or leg pain
  • Nano-anion technology increases the flow of blood and oxygen
  • Compression socks for the calves reduce pain and inflammation;
  • Lightweight calf support speeds lactic acid removal
  • Athletic calf sleeve reduces fatigue and speeds recovery times
  • Calf sleeve for biking increases range of motion, diminishes stiffness
  • Arm and calf support for runners  is odor resistant
  • Moisture wicking material makes this a cool calf sleeve
  • Thermoregulatory properties
  • Offers a layer of protection and warmth to the arms or legs
  • Constructed of 40% bamboo charcoal fiber, 27% lycra, 33% rubber

  • 360 threat count with 3D weave for soft but durable calf brace
  • Machine washable shin splints guards (cold water, hang dry)
  • Do not need to wash this calf orthotic with every use
  • Gray leg guard
  • Available in two sizes—medium and large—fitting a variety of calf/arm circumferences
  • The medium calf support is available in a 10” and 14” length
  • Easy application—simply slide the sleeve up the arm or leg and position as desired


Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Calf
M9" - 16"
L12" - 20"
Measurement point: Circumference of calf at widest point.

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Incrediwear Compression Calf Guard Support Sleeve

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