Hot & Cold Therapy Gel Pack (5 1/2" x 11")

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Hot/Cold therapy gel packs to be worn with the Heat & Ice Therapy Lower Back Muscle Pain WrapCryotherm Wrap for Knee and the Cold/Hot Knee Wrap. Pairing these gel packs with these braces are ideal for for low back pain, shoulder and back muscle strain/sprain, arthritis, muscle spasms, or simply sore muscles of the shoulders and back. Gel packs can either be froze or heated up depending on one's needs. 

Detailed Description

Hot/Cold Therapy Gel Pack for Muscle Pain Wraps

This hot and cold therapy gel pack is specifically designed to be worn and accompanied with the following braces sold at BraceAbility:

These muscle pain wraps combined with the cold therapy gel pack makes for ideal treatment for injuries, pain, strains, sprains, and more to the back and shoulders. The hot/cold wraps listed above come with and accommodate for these hot/cold therapy gel packs.

You may want to purchase extra gel packs so you can keep two in the freezer while you are using the other two, so you always have cold ones on hand. These gel packs can be either froze for cold therapy, or microwaved for heat therapy. These gel packs are reusable and are easy to apply to the pockets of the brace

Cold and Heat Therapy for Shoulder and Back Pain

Generally speaking, when it comes to whether one should use cold or heat therapy for shoulder and back pain, heat is for muscles, chronic pain and stress. On the other hand, ice is for injuries as it calms damaged tissues. Although it is always a good idea to consult a medical professional regarding whether you should utilize cold or hot therapy for your muscle pain.

The ice pack for back and shoulder pain can be helpful for a wide variety of conditions, including muscle strain or sprain, arthritis, muscle spasms, as part of a rehab program, or simply for sore muscles in the shoulders or back. Rather than one large ice pack for muscle pain, the low back muscle pain wrap accommodates for these gel packs. This way if one needs heat or ice for lower back pain on just one side of the body, one can simply remove the ice pack from the opposite side.

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Hot & Cold Therapy Gel Pack (5 1/2" x 11")

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