Hip Braces & Supports

Most hip braces are specifically designed to provide hip stability, protect against injury and common hip conditions and disorders, reduce pain caused by vigorous exercise and strenuous athletic activities,  and help patients recover from delicate hip surgery.  Here at BraceAbility, we have a selection of hip braces and supports depending on what you require.

The Best Hip Brace for Dislocation

Dislocation of the hip happens when the head of the femur (commonly known as the thighbone) slips out of its socket in the pelvis (commonly referred to as the hip bone). In about 90 percent of patients, the femur is usually pushed backward and out of the socket, with the remaining 10 percent experiencing slippage of the thighbone in a forward direction. Needless to say, both types of hip dislocation results in the hip being in a fixed, painful, and awkward position.  In most cases, people who experience hip dislocation may also be unable to move their leg and, if nerve damage is present, may experience numbness in the foot or ankle area.

The causes of hip dislocation varies, but the most common involve vehicular accidents and bad falls. When someone experiences accidents that involve a great amount of force and impact to the hips, the thighbone may pop out of its socket, thus causing hip dislocation.

This is where hip supports and braces come in. Most of the time, doctors will ask patients suffering from hip dislocation to wear a hip orthosis brace, specifically an abduction hip brace. The brace will act as a hip stabilizer that allows varying degrees of movement while helping to prevent movements that can re-injure the patient.

The Corflex Ultra Bucks Traction Splint is an ideal hip brace for dislocation. This hip support features medial and lateral stays for added support, plus convoluted foam to help prevent migration. The Corflex Ultra Bucks Traction Splint is also an ideal hip brace after surgery of hip fractures and femur fractures.

Ideal Hip Supports for Hip Protection

The Bort StabiloHip Hip Protector is one of the most versatile hip supports and braces available in the market today. It is mainly designed to protect the hip from injury caused by impact and falls and can also be used to help treat osteoporosis, walking disorders and imbalance, and neuromuscular afflictions.  What sets the Bort StabiloHip Hip Protector apart from other hip braces and supports is its integrated protection system that incorporates built-in protectors (strategically placed across the hips) that are made of viscoelastic soft foam. These protectors feature a shock-absorbing effect that helps cushion the pressure of impact by distributing it over a large area.

This hip support brace also features an intelligent shape, which adapts anatomically to any wearer, and is one of the most comfortable hip supports around. The Bort StabiloHip Hip Protector is made of 95 percent cotton, making it extremely comfortable to the wearer. More importantly, its highly elastic waist and leg band does not restrict mobility, while at the same time providing superb support and protection.

An Excellent Hip Support Belt

If you are looking for an excellent hip support belt, you can't go wrong with the Bort Symphysis Belt. It is made of a firm, non-elastic material with inside padding and has a conical shape for excellent fit. In addition, its Velcro closure ensures a secure, snug fit. The Bort Symphysis Belt can be used to treat hip dysplasia and symphysis pubis dysfunction during pregnancy.

BraceAbility offers a variety of hip supports and braces depending on your needs. Not sure what hip brace or hip support you require? No problem. Our customer service representatives are here to help. To speak with one, please call us at (866) 712.7808. We'll be glad to assist you in any way we can.