BraceAbility Hinged Wrap Around Knee Brace

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This hinged wrap-around knee brace is easy to apply and adjust for the perfect fit thanks to its Velcro closures at the front of the knee. The hinges of this wrap-around knee brace prevent damaging motions of the knee and the soft neoprene material provides equal compression to reduce any swelling. A plus-size version of this neoprene hinged knee brace is also available. 

L Code: L1820
Detailed Description

Neoprene Hinged Knee Brace

This hinged knee support has a number of features that help to stabilize the knee and prevent it from moving in harmful ways. This includes the dual axis polycentric hinges on both the inner (medial) and outer (lateral) side of the knee. The hinges also permit one to move about with a more natural range of motion. 

The neoprene knee brace also features nylon both above and below the kneecap for added support.  And the 1/8” thick neoprene construction of the support itself provides even warmth and compression to reduce any swelling in the vicinity of the knee

The nylon knee brace is also designed with simplicity of use in mind. It has a wrap-around configuration and its closures are located at the front of the brace. Both the brace itself and the strap tabs are secured with Velcro.

Another unique feature of this knee brace with hinges is that these hinges can be removed for a sleeker fit.

The brace is also open at the front and back of the knee, which many consider more comfortable for extended wear. Plus, an open-patella support, while slightly less supportive than the closed variety, will not apply irritating pressure to the kneecap. The more open design also allows more flexibility, which is beneficial for a number of sports. See more braces for sports.

Wrap-around Knee Brace

Speaking of sports, these are the cause of a wide number of injuries to the knee for which a hinged knee brace might be helpful. It is fairly safe to say that for most injuries (minus some of the more serious nature), treatment usually involves resting the knee, applying ice and compression, elevating the leg and taking an anti-inflammatory. These steps are also recommended after surgery for some of the more serious injuries in many cases.

This inexpensive knee brace can help with a number of conditions, from instability to general knee pain to troubles with the cartilage of the knee joint (e.g., chondromalacia, osteoarthritis) to patella dysfunction to Osgood Schlatters disease. It does so by easing the amount of pressure on the knee joint and preventing any movements that might cause further damage. This neoprene hinged knee brace stabilizes the knee when it is vulnerable and more prone to further injury.

The brace also applies compression around the knee cap. This along with rest and pain killers can reduce painful inflammation.

Hinged Knee Support

This hinged knee support comes at a very affordable price. But the low price tag does not imply low quality. Following are some of the features that make this a popular and effective wrap-around knee brace with hinges.

  • Wrap-around design
  • Constructed of 1/8” neoprene for minimal bulk
  • Provides even compression & warmth
  • Anterior Velcro-closures that are easy to apply and adjust
  • Open patella design for increased flexibility
  • Nylon on either side of the knee
  • Removable dual axis polycentric hinges for natural range of motion
  • Provides medial and lateral support
  • Treats chondromalacia, instability, knee pain, knee sprain or strain, Osgood Schlatters disease, osteoarthritis, patella dislocation, patella dysfunction
  • Can be used for post-operative care
  • Numerous sizes, including  bariatric

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BraceAbility Hinged Wrap Around Knee Brace

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