Hinged Football Knee Protection Brace for Pros & College Linemen

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This football knee brace will help football players, especially offensive linemen, with medial or lateral instability, weak or injured leg muscles or ligaments, or with degenerative joint diseases. Many sizes are available, up to 4XL.
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Detailed Description

Football Knee Brace

Football knee braces can offer those involved in contact sports like football, hockey, rugby etc. peace of mind when coming back from or preventing an injury to the ligaments or meniscus of the knee. This stabilizing football knee brace comes with range-of-motion (ROM) hinges that allow flexion and extension control.  And athletes will appreciate the breathable, lightweight material of the knee brace for football.

Hinged Football Knee Braces for Linemen and More

Knee braces for football and other high-contact sports that pose the risk of injury are an in-demand item, since the high-speed and high-impact natures of such sports lend themselves to injury, particularly to the knee. It is no coincidence that college football and knee braces go hand-in-hand.

Wearing a football brace like this provides the extra support and controlled range of motion (if needed) after football knee injuries. Specifically, this football knee brace for linemen and such can help with medial or lateral instability, injury or weakness of the muscles or ligaments of the knee and degenerative joint disease requiring control of flexion and extension.

The hinges that control one’s range of motion can be locked depending upon one’s football knee injury treatment needs. The polycentric hinge is covered with a contoured condyle shell, shielding it and making it an ideal hinged knee brace for a football lineman or other athletes involved in contact sports.

The football lineman knee brace is open at the back of the leg, which prevents it from bunching. This opening also improves the breathability of the football knee support as well as the range of motion it allows.

The same can be said for the opening over the kneecap itself. The patella opening also keeps pressure off the kneecap as needed for ACL injuries, meniscus tears, etc.

The offensive lineman knee brace comes in seven sizes ranging all the way up to a 4X-large. Plus, the four Velcro support straps of this ACL brace for football allow a high degree of flexibility regarding fit. This is highly beneficial when it comes to equipping a college football lineman with knee braces that fit large calves and quads.

The wraparound design of the support is practical when it comes to treating knee injuries in football.  Yanking a football knee sleeve over the knee or twisting to apply a brace could do more damage.

This high school or college football knee brace applies compression and support much like football knee sleeves, but the material of this support stands out as it allows heat and moisture to escape. This makes for a cooler, more comfortable fit. This material is also lightweight.

Best Knee Brace for Football Injury Treatment

Knee injuries from football are one of the most common types of problems. Some of the more common football knee injuries involve either the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament (ACL or PCL) or the menisci cartilage that cushions the knee. The high speed and full contact nature of the sport lends itself to such injuries.

Of course, prevention of such injuries is the most preferable option. This will involve steps such as warming up before practice or a game, listening to one’s body, using the proper gear and possibly using prophylactic knee braces in football for added support and protection. Alternatively, some opt for a lightweight football knee sleeve that provides an added layer of support and protection at a more affordable price.

If one does sustain an injury, treatment will depend upon the severity of any tear or sprain as well as one’s activity level. While PCL tear treatment can be addressed via non-surgical methods including rest (possibly with the help of a brace), ice, compression, elevation, medication, therapy and possibly joint aspiration, an ACL tear will not heal, so reconstruction will be needed to restore its function.

The recovery period after an ACL tear is a lengthy one and as one gets back to sports, many turn to ACL braces for football for peace of mind as well as added support after a long break from the sport.

Some do not opt to repair and ACL tear and instead focus on improving the strength and flexibility of the knee’s supporting structures. In such cases, the knee will be less stable, so again, wearing a functional ACL knee brace for football and other sports may be necessary.

Of note, injury to the ACL and PCL often coincide damage to other structures in the knee. This, in turn, increases the risk of long-term knee pain and instability. Therefore, many of those involved in high-risk sports who have sustained such injuries rely on orthotic aids going forward.  

Tears to the two menisci of the knee that are important for shock absorption, load distribution and smooth, pain-free movement are one of the most common knee injuries in sports and day-to-day activity. Forceful twisting or rotation of the knee can tear these cartilage discs.

In some cases, such injuries can heal on their own by employing the RICE method and taking medication, but other types of meniscus tears require surgical repair.

But even if one does have surgery to repair or trim the damaged area of one’s meniscus, one’s knee may be less stable even after it has fully healed. Therefore, it is important to work on the strength and flexibility of the muscles and soft tissues around the knee so they can lessen the strain on the knee joint and help compensate for the compromised meniscus. Using a meniscus knee brace or knee sleeve for football can also help to that end.

Football Knee Brace Features

The high demands of fast-paced contact sports send many an athlete in search of football knee braces for injury prevention or treatment.  Following is a list of the features that help this college football knee brace to stand out:

  • Knee support for football helps with medial or lateral instability, weak or injured leg muscles or ligaments, degenerative joint disease
  • ROM hinged brace for a knee injury in football can control flexion and extension
  • Polycentric hinge of the football leg brace is covered by a contoured condyle shell
  • Supports and stabilizes the knee, helping one recover from a knee injury from football
  • Provides football knee protection for contact sports
  • The material of this knee brace for football players lets heat and moisture escape
  • Lightweight football hinged knee brace
  • Football lineman knee brace features a wrap-around design and Velcro strap closures
  • Four straps—two above and two below the knee—allow a customized fit
  • Open popliteal area prevents bunching and increases the breathability of the rugby knee brace
  • Best ACL knee brace for football won’t pressure a sore kneecap thanks to its open-patella design
  • Compresses the leg around the kneecap, reducing painful inflammation and promoting healing
  • Knee brace for soccer, rugby, football, etc. is free of latex and neoprene
  • Black football knee wrap with hinges
  • Football player knee brace is breathable
  • Football knee orthotic is 16 inches long, providing an ideal amount of support
  • Hinged brace for knee pain can be hand washed with warm water and mild soap and air dried
  • Wide variety of sizes ranging up to 4XL means most people can benefit from one of the best knee braces for football


Sizing Chart

Size6" Above KneecapKneecap
Small16" - 17"12" - 14"
Medium18" - 19"14" - 16"
Large19" - 21"16" - 18"
X-Large21" - 23"18" - 20"
2X-Large23" - 25"20" - 22"
3X-Large25" - 27"22" - 24"
4X-Large27" - 29"24" - 26"
Measure the circumference around your leg at Point A (6" above the middle of your kneecap), and Point B (the middle of your kneecap). If you are in-between sizes, order the smaller size.

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Hinged Football Knee Protection Brace for Pros & College Linemen

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