Cam Walker Boots

What are Cam Walker Boots, & what does CAM stand for?

What does the CAM stand for? CAM stands for controlled, ankle, motion. Unlike casts, cam boots are adjustable, reusable, and fully removable medical boots that increase support one’s foot during the healing process after an injury. These boots come in many different sizes (short or tall) and features (air and non-air). Depending on what type of injury one has, a tall boot walker may be more beneficial compared to a short cam walker. In addition, one can choose to have a pneumatic air feature on one’s boot or have a non-air boot.

The air feature is extremely important for post surgery patients because it is necessary to reduce swelling, pain, and improve the healing time of the injury. With this feature, one can control the level and amount of air that is pumped into the boot to support the foot.

Having a hard time figuring out which features one needs? Our blog post helps to educate one on the benefits of each of the different features.

Here are some injuries that recommend wearing a tall air cam walker:

  • Acute Ankle Sprains

  • Toe Fracture

  • Metatarsal Stress Fracture

  • Foot Fracture or Break

  • Post Achilles Tendinitis Surgery

Some injuries that recommend a short air cam boot:

  • Lisfranc Injury

    • Read more on the lisfranc injury and surgery on our blog post here.

  • Toe Fracture

  • Metatarsal Stress Fracture

  • Post Achilles Tendinitis Surgery

A few injuries that don’t require the air pump feature:

  • Post Bunion Surgery

  • Heel Pain

Check out a variety of our foot braces and supports in case a cam walker boot isn’t necessary for one’s injury.

Benefits of Medical Cam Walking Boots

There are multiple benefits that come with choosing a walker boot over a cast. Here are just a few examples:

  • These cam walkers are easily removed and taken off, which makes it convenient to shower and isn’t permanently on one’s foot.

  • Plastic casts also tend to become more loose as time passes while wearing it. This ultimately can halt or slow down recovery time, whereas cam boots for foot fractures can be tightened every time to the desired level of comfort.

  • Cam walkers usually allow one to walk even with the most intensive injuries, they are meant to completely stabilize the leg, restricting any movement in the foot.

  • Another benefit is that these boots position and fix one’s ankle at 90 degrees, which can be especially helpful when healing. The degree can also be accommodated for different types of injuries to the ankle or foot.

Tips when wearing a Cam Walker Fracture Boot

Although wearing a walking boot obviously isn’t the most comfortable and convenient, there are many ways to help override the discomfort and make time in a boot bearable.

Some tips in helping one wear a medical boot:

  • Make sure when one is buying a cam walker, ensure that it completely fits one’s ankle. Never buy an oversized or undersized boot because it could cause future harm to the injury. Think about how one’s shoe normally should feel and fit, and choose a air cam boot that feels remotely the same.

  • Pair a walking boot with an initial bandage or sock liner before placing the boot on one's foot. This not only helps remove the rubbing that might occur from the boot, but helps to add extra support to the injury.

  • When putting on the air cam walker, slowly place one’s foot into the boot. It helps to make sure that it is placed correctly before positioning the velcro straps. In addition, never pull the straps too tight that it cuts out blood circulation.

Pairing Sock Liners with Cam Boots

Pairing a sock liner underneath one’s cam walking boot is advised for many different reasons. Although it can be one’s preference, it’s very beneficial for every injury. These socks can help prevent the foot from getting dry during different weather conditions. Also, medical sock liners can help promote circulation in the foot and prevent any rubbing that would occur from the boot.

Compared to other retail stores such as CVS, Walmart, or Walmart, BraceAbility’s sock liners can be paired with any of our cam walkers, whether short, tall, air, or non-air, these liners fit perfectly with each.

These sock liners are essential to use with those who have diabetes. These patients struggle with ulcers due to the poor circulation in their feet. Sock liners not only encourage adequate blood circulation, but helps ward off against infections that could occur from these boots.

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