Bunion Splints

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Bunion Splint for Healthy, Pain-free Feet

Most people rely quite heavily on their feet each and every day. For that reason, getting or keeping one’s feet healthy is pretty darn important.

One relative common foot problem that can compromise the function of the foot and cause pain is the formation of bunions (hallux valgus).  A bunion is a bony bump that can form at the base of the big toe if the weight and pressures on the joints and tendons of the feet are distributed unevenly. The enlarged toe can crowd the other toes, acerbating pain.  

Example of Bunion in the foot

Bunion splints are a simple solution for this condition that can bring the toe back into proper alignment or at least delay the need for surgery. (Read an article by the American Chiropractor Association that answers the question, do bunion correctors work?)

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Most Popular Bunion Night Splint

Hallux valgus splints works to promote the proper alignment of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the toe while one sleeps.

This nighttime bunion regulator features a plastozonte foam lining and it has a hole at the top of the toe so that it is breathable. The pressure the bunion treatment splint provides can be easily adjusted via two Velcro straps. This bunion correction splint can be worn following surgery.

This product stands out from other bunion night splints in terms of how easy and comfortable it is to use. This splint for bunions is anatomically contoured and it is constructed of thin, lightweight and breathable material. This makes it easier for one to wear it through the night, optimizing the bunion splint effectiveness.

The material of the bunions splint is latex-free and the foam is hypoallergenic to limit any chances of skin irritation. Also adding to its appeal, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water.  

The product can function as splints for bunions conservative treatment or as a post-operative support.

Bunion Corrector Wrap for Daytime to Wear in Shoes

Besides its wrap design, this product differs from other toe splints for bunions in that it has a movable stay and contact closure and the splint is composed of a soft, foam laminated-to-flannel lining.

As was the case for the previously mentioned foot splints for bunions, this soft support can also be used following surgery. This bunion aid hinged splint can be used as part of conservative functional therapy to remedy a bunion, or it can be used following hallux valgus surgery. This support is especially effective if it used early on in the treatment of a bunion, as is the case for most toe braces for bunions. This bunion regulator supports the toe at a predetermined angle and it can prevent the toe from extending or flexing, if needed.