Tennis Elbow Braces

What Is Tennis Elbow and How Can a Tennis Elbow Brace Help?

Lateral epicondylitis, better known as tennis elbow, is a condition wherein the outer part of the elbow becomes sore and tender. Tennis elbow is an overuse injury that can be caused by racquet sports such as tennis (hence the name), badminton, squash, racquetball, etc. However, this condition can also be caused by other sports like climbing and swimming as well as manual labor and other everyday activities. It's no surprise, then, that most people who suffer from this condition and need treatment for tennis elbow are current or former athletes who use the same repetitive motion of the elbow and arm for many years while playing their sport and those whose work or occupation involve overexertion of the elbow.

Tennis elbow often affects the lateral side of the elbow region, specifically the common extensor tendon that originates from the lateral epicondyle. Patients suffering from tennis elbow feel acute pain in the affected part when the arm is extended.  Although surgery is the only tennis elbow cure, there are several options available when it comes to tennis elbow treatment, such as taking medication—specifically non-steroidal/anti-inflammatory drugs—and even surgery for the most persistent cases. However, the cheapest, simplest, and most effective treatment is the use of an arm or elbow strap, specifically a tennis arm strap. 

Tennis elbow braces mainly help reduce pain in the afflicted area, which allow people suffering from lateral epicondylitis to return to their sports or other physical activity. 

How Can a Tennis Elbow Strap Help Treat Golfer's Elbow?

Medial epicondylitis or golfer's elbow is an inflammatory condition of the medial epicondyle. Golfer's elbow, just like lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow, is an overuse injury. Golf, as its name suggests, is one of the many causes of golfer's elbow, the others being racquet sports, throwing sports, weight training, and even activities that involve repetitive wrist, hand, or arm movements such as hammering and chopping wood.

Left untreated without a golfers elbow brace, golfer's elbow may cause chronic elbow pain, limited range of motion in the afflicted area, and a lasting and fixed bend (contracture) in the elbow.

The treatment for golfer's elbow may include anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone or steroidal injections, and stretching exercises. One of the most effective solutions, however, is wearing a golfer's elbow brace or a medial epicondylitis strap.  Treating tennis elbow with a medial epicondylitis brace helps reduce strain at the elbow epicondyle and limits pain provocation as well as protects against further damage even while you continue playing your chosen sport.

The Bauerfeind EpiTrain Support: An Effective Tennis Elbow Support or Golfer's Elbow Brace

The EpiTrain Elbow Support by Bauerfeind is an elbow tendonitis brace that provides specifically targeted compression to relieve the pain and prevent the worsening of medial and lateral epicondylitis  as well as other medical conditions of the elbow. As an effective tennis elbow support brace or golfer's elbow brace, the EpiTrain (which has earned the prestigious iF design award in 2007) provides instant pain relief and targeted compression. The compression system of this brace causes increased blood flow, temperature regulation, and a number of other natural healing benefits in addition to structural support. As such, the EpiTrain is extremely beneficial not only for patients suffering from tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, but also for those who have other sports-related conditions including tendomyopathy, chronic swelling or edema, osteoarthritis or arthritis, and acute sprains and strains.

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