Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer Post-op Surgery Brace

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This elastic shoulder brace immobilizes the arm both above and below elbow, holding it at a 90-degree angle as needed following a number of shoulder surgeries, including rotator cuff repairs. The shoulder immobilizing support also comes with a hand cuff that makes the brace more comfortable and helps to prevent the wrist from dropping, which can constrict the radial nerve.
L Code: L-3670
Detailed Description

Shoulder Immobilizing Brace for Rotator Cuff Repairs and More

Shoulder and arm immobilization is a necessity following a number of surgical procedures to the shoulder, from rotator cuff repairs to shoulder joint replacement, as well as for non-surgical treatment of various injuries such as a separated or dislocated shoulders.

 The multi-component design of this brace for shoulder immobilization sets it apart in terms of user comfort and immobilization. The main part of the brace for rotator cuff injury care wraps around one’s torso, and it also includes both a humeral cuff for the upper arm and a forearm cuff in the wrist area. The torso portion of the shoulder immobilizer includes a band one can rest his or her hand in.

The cuffs as well as the main body of the arm immobilizer are all secured via hook-and-loop closures. Such closure mechanisms are easy to operate, even with one hand. Plus they allow some degree of flexibility as to sizing, in addition to those offered by the six different sizes in which one can order this shoulder brace with cuffs.

The immobilizing and stabilizing shoulder brace is composed of flexible, durable elastic with foam padding in the wrist and humeral cuffs. This mix of materials is free of latex.

Immobilization for Shoulder Injury Treatment

Immobilization is a key component of treatment for many shoulder injuries, whether one is undergoing surgical or non-surgical repair. Holding the arm and shoulder still is important in that it prevents movement from leading to additional damage to one’s shoulder. This is especially important after surgical repair to one’s tissues that leaves them especially susceptible to damage.

The support and immobility also helps to limit pain.

Immobilizing the arm at a 90-degree angle also allows the shoulder to heal properly. Excessive movement during recovery can prevent full healing from occurring, leaving the shoulder unstable and more prone to subsequent injury.

Shoulder immobilization might be necessary after repairing a rotator cuff injury or for other arthroscopic repairs. A doctor may also recommend a brief period of immobilization for a dislocated or subluxated shoulder, a separated shoulder, SLAP tears, shoulder fractures, and other injuries causing instability and pain to the joint.

The downside of immobilizing the shoulder (outside of the obvious inconvenience of doing so) is that this can cause the muscles of the arm and shoulder to lose strength and flexibility. Therefore, it is important to follow a doctor’s instructions regarding the period of use of a shoulder immobilizing device, and any recommended exercise regimen. In many cases, one will need to undergo physical therapy to restore full function to the shoulder joint and arm.

Note that the hand strap of this particular shoulder injury orthotic not only makes the brace more comfortable, but it also prevents the hand and wrist from drooping, which could pressure the radial nerve and lead to hand drop.

Details on Shoulder Immobilizer with Cuffs

This orthotic for shoulder injuries holds the arm and shoulder still so that healing can occur following various injuries to the joint. Following is a list of its features:

  • Shoulder support for treatment of rotator cuff injuries, SLAP tears, dislocated shoulders, separated shoulders, fractures of the shoulder and other injuries to the joint
  • Can be used for post-shoulder surgery immobilization
  • Elastic arm and shoulder brace with its humeral and forearm cuff provides immobilization you can trust
  • Cuffs of the dislocated shoulder brace are padded with foam that is comfortable against the skin
  • Velcro closures make the low-profile, immobilizing shoulder support easy to apply and adjust
  • Strap for the hand prevents wrist drop and makes for a more comfortable fit
  • White immobilizer brace for the shoulder comes in many sizes fitting a wide variety of torsos

Sizing Chart

SizeChest Circumference
XS 23" - 27"
S 27" - 31"
M 31" - 35"
L 35" - 39"
XL 39" - 43"
2XL 43" - 47"
Measurement point: Rib Cage Circumference.

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Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer Post-op Surgery Brace

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