Posterior Leaf Spring AFO Drop Foot Brace

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This posterior leaf spring AFO (ankle foot orthotic) supports the foot mid-swing of one’s gait, helping those dealing with foot drop to walk more comfortably. Conveniently, this leaf spring AFO fits easily within most lace-up shoes and its sleek design will not rub against any of the boney points of one’s ankle. For more options, check out our full line of foot drop orthotics.
Detailed Description

Posterior Leaf Spring AFO

When it comes to drop foot orthotics, few want to rely on a clunky, cumbersome boot. This spring leaf AFO provides many of the same benefits of other ankle foot orthotics for foot drop but in a much sleeker format.

This posterior leaf spring brace increases dorsiflexion, helping those with foot drop due to mild or moderate neurological deficit. Such orthotics for foot drop wrap around the lower calf, extend down the back of the leg and ankle, hook beneath the heel of the foot and extend along the sole of the foot.

The components of this drop foot splint are tapered and contoured as appropriate for the curves of one's leg and foot. And the foot support component offers the toes good clearance as one walks.

This posterior leaf spring orthosis fits flush to the body and easily slides within most lace-up shoes. The ankle component of this AFO splint for drop foot also fits easily beneath one's pants. 

Unlike many other orthotics for drop foot, this AFO splint can be trimmed using a heat gun or scissors for a customized fit. This posterior leaf AFO is not made of natural rubber latex, so it will not irritate those with allergies to the material.

Foot Drop Orthotics

Foot drop, or the inability to lift the front of the foot, due to some neurological impairment makes it difficult to walk. To avoid dragging the foot, many adopt a steppage gait where one lifts the knees high as if one is mounting the stairs and causing one's foot to slap against the floor with each step.

This is obviously not an ideal way of walking, not to mention a dragging foot increases one's risk of tripping. Therefore, many turn to a posterior leaf spring ankle foot orthosis for dealing with drop foot/foot drop (these terms are used interchangeably) .

Recall that foot drop is a symptom of some underlying cause, so while a foot drop night splint might help for the time being, one should enlist a medical professional for treating the underlying nerve, muscle, spinal cord or brain issue. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of foot drop.

The low-profile, lightweight fit of this splint for foot drop along with its customizable design and secure fit means wearing this posterior leaf spring orthotic is a comfortable and discreet experience. This AFO leaf spring can return one to a more normal gait quickly, lessening the strain an abnormal one puts on the joints and muscles and other soft tissues of the feet, legs, hips and back.

The simple design of this ankle foot orthotic for foot drop also translates to quick and easy application.

Details about Leaf Spring AFO

This drop foot night splint is a favorite thanks to its sleek, comfortable design. Following is a breakdown of its many selling points:

  • Posterior spring leaf AFO supports the foot as one walks so that it does not slap against the ground
  • Foot splints for foot drop increases dorsiflexion mid-stance
  • Ankle foot orthotic treats mild to moderate neurological deficit causing foot drop/drop foot
  • Foot splint for ambulation has a low-profile, lightweight design
  • Foot drop treatment splint is contoured to one’s body
  • For a customized fit, one can trim this leaf spring brace with a heat gun or scissors
  • The posterior leaf spring brace will not rub against any bony protrusions of the ankle
  • AFO for drop foot fits easily within most shoes
  • The ankle cuff of the sleek foot drop brace fits easily underneath one's pants
  • Splint for foot drop support is easy to apply and remove
  • Color: white
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex
  • This posterior AFO splint for drop foot comes in 3 sizes based on one's U.S. shoe size. You will also need to choose right or left foot, as the design of the orthosis is different to accommodate the shape of the left vs. the right foot.

Sizing Chart

Men's Shoe Size 3 - 6 6 - 9  9 - 13
Women's Shoe Size 4.5 - 7.5 7.5 - 10.5 10.5 - 13
Measured by U.S. shoe size

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Posterior Leaf Spring AFO Drop Foot Brace

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