Cycling Knee Sleeve for Bikers

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BraceAbility's cycling knee brace provides optimal pain relief and support for aching joints and knee pain while biking. The neoprene material of the knee sleeve provides soothing warmth while also reducing swelling and pain during your bike ride.
Detailed Description

Cycling Knee Brace for Knee Pain and Injury

A knee brace for cycling is a great accessory for bikers who may experience knee pain, aching joints, or swelling during their bike ride. The neoprene material of BraceAbility's cycling knee brace provides optimal support to reduce swelling and lessen pain during and after a bike ride. The material also works to retain the body's natural temperature to keep your knees warm during a bike ride, making it great for riding at night or in cold weather. Neoprene also provides soothing warmth and long-lasting pain relief to aching knee joints. 

BraceAbility's knee brace for biking is approximately 13" long, featuring an open patella and open popliteal cut out. This will prevent uncomfortable bunching while bending the knees repetitively, making it great for long distance bike rides. The cycling knee sleeve ranges from sizes XS-4XL. To determine your size, measure the circumference of the middle of your knee cap as well as 6 inches above your mid knee cap in inches. 

Sizing Chart

Size6" Above KneecapMiddle of Kneecap
XS 16"-18" 12"-13"
S 17"-19" 13"-14"
M 18"-20" 14"-15"
L 19"-21" 15"-16"
XL 20"-22" 16"-18"
2XL 21"-23" 18"-20"
3XL 23"-26" 20"-22"
4XL 26"-29" 22"-24"
Measure the circumference around your leg at 6" above your kneecap, and at the middle of your kneecap, in inches.
Fit should be sung. If between sizes, order the smaller size.

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Cycling Knee Sleeve for Bikers

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