Adjustable Spine Brace for Lower Back Pain

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The SPINE brace is one of the best back braces for lower back pain relief as it mechanical advantage pulley system allows one to create a lot of intraabdominal compression with minimal effort, supporting and easing pressure on the spine. With one quick, smooth pull, one can easily adjust the support the spinal decompression belt for back pain provides. And a cool, mesh material ensures the adjustable back brace fits comfortably.
Detailed Description

Corset Back Brace for Low Back Pain Relief

This lower back alignment tool is a simple solution for those in need of relief for lower back pain. It comes equipped with patented pulley systems that amplify one’s force, in the case of this particular spinal brace, at a 6:1 ratio.

The mechanical advantage pulley system means one can quickly and smoothly apply a high amount of compression for minor to extreme lower back pain relief, using just one hand. The tab closure of the pulley system hooks via Velcro at the front of the adjustable back support, which is great for easy access and minimizing twisting that can be problematic for those dealing with spinal pain stemming from a herniated disc, for example.

The abdominal compression the lower back brace for pain relief applies creates pressure within one’s abdominal cavity. This, in turn, creates a hydrostatic lift that provides the spine pressure relief.

Its ability to do so makes it a great decompression back belt for herniated or bulging discs, lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, fractured vertebrae and more.

The lumbosacral brace also encourages proper posture and alignment of the spine, which also helps to relieve pain.

This lower back pain brace was designed with an active individual in mind. In fact, one of the purposes of wearing such adjustable back braces is to help one get back to a more active lifestyle.

Therefore, the lower back support brace for spinal pain relief is composed of a breathable mesh material that helps to make the most of air flow.  This makes it a great back brace for exercise, work or use for long periods of time.

The back decompression belt will not stretch, but it is quite pliable for a comfortable fit.

Speaking of fit, the Cybertech brace comes in sizes up to 3XL and down to S because people of all shapes and sizes can find themselves in need of acute or chronic back pain relief devices.

To ensure one gets the best-fitting back brace for back pain, one should measure the top and bottom portions of the hips, and then use the larger measurement to select the size.

Back Brace for Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, Herniated Discs & More

The low (lumbar) back is easily the most common site back pain, sending many on the hunt for back pain relief products each year. One can more appropriately hone one’s search if one knows what is causing the discomfort. In the end, a trip to the doctor for a diagnosis is usually well worth the expense and time.

In some cases one’s discomfort may involve the soft tissues of the low back and can be addressed with efforts to correct any imbalances, weakness or tightness of these tissues. In other situations, low-back pain may stem from problems with the lumbar spine.

A herniated or ruptured disc occurs when some of the inner material of a spinal disc slips through a crack in its exterior, in some cases irritating nearby nerves and narrowing the space within one’s spinal canal—a sometimes painful condition known as spinal stenosis. Spinal injuries, bone overgrowth, tumors and thickened ligaments can also narrow such passageways.

Spondylolisthesis is another possible source of lumbosacral pain that can result in irritation of the spinal cord or nerve roots.  In this condition, one’s vertebra slips out of position onto the one below it. This is often the result of small stress fractures of the spine.

While surgery is sometimes required to fix such back problems, there are also many non-surgical methods for achieving back pain relief or to tide one over until surgery is scheduled.

Wearing this decompression back brace for spondylolisthesis, stenosis and other spinal problems creates hydrostatic lift that reduces pressure on one’s spine. Doing so can provide backache relief and allow problematic inflammation to subside. In some cases, this also allows healing to occur.

The ease with which this Cybertech belt allows one to create a high level of compression minimizes the risk of straining the back to apply or adjust such back pain devices.

Besides lower back compression and support, a period of rest and the use of ice/heat therapy are some of the best steps for getting lower back pain relief (not to mention some of the simplest!).

The support and stability this lumbar spinal decompression brace offers also makes it well suited for pre- and post-operative use in instances where surgery is needed.

Key Features of the SPINE Back Support

This back brace with its unique adjustable pulley system from BraceAbility is one of the best products for back pain, thanks to its mechanical advantage pulley system that makes it easy achieve lower back relief. Following is a list of the features that set this adjustable lumbar back brace apart from others.

  • Patented mechanical advantage pulley system allows one to apply compression at a 6:1 ratio
  • Creates intra-abdominal pressure that creates a hydrostatic lift, reducing pressure on the spine
  • Pulley system allows smooth, dynamic approach to abdominal compression
  • Single fastener of this lower/lumbar back brace at the front of the body makes application and adjustment  a breeze
  • Stabilizes and controls the low back and provides lumbar spine pain relief
  • Pain relieving back brace for lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, disc problems (slipped, collapsed, torn, herniated, bulging, etc.), osteoarthritis of the back, lumbar spinal fractures, faja lumbar, minor scoliosis and other conditions where lumbar sacral spine support or decompression are needed
  • The SPINE brace is also good for pre- and post-operative support
  • Back realignment device allows one second adjustment for sitting, standing, driving, etc.
  • Mesh that is used in this acute or chronic back pain treatment product maximizes air flow
  • Spinal stenosis brace comes in either a white or black color

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Adjustable Spine Brace for Lower Back Pain

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