Mini Minerva Cervical Spine Thoracic Orthosis Brace

This mini-minerva brace for the cervical spine features an innovative design for ultimate neck immobilization as well as many adjustable features for user comfort. For a thoracic and cervical spine support, check out the full-sized Minerva support

Detailed Description

Minerva Brace - A Cervical Thoracic Spine Orthosis

There are a number of situations where one might need to immobilize the cervical spine. (See more neck supports for doing so.) For instance, one might need a neck brace after car accident trauma or as part of neck arthritis or spinal stenosis treatment. Following is a list of some situations/conditions where this neck immobilizer might be needed:

The spinal stenosis brace is composed of a number of pieces that are attached by semi-rigid quick adjust straps that eliminate the chance of shearing migration of the components. This two-piece design increases the breathability of the post-op neck brace, plus it makes it easier to put on and take off without further damaging the cervical spine. As an added bonus, the two-piece construction of the brace for cervical spine support is compatible with MRIs.

The chin and chest component of the Minerva orthotic are made of molded polyethylene material that is vented for improved air flow.

The occipital (back of head) component is also vented, plus it has an aluminum spine element that can be contoured to fit one’s cervical arch.

The brace for cervical spine support also includes an optional, soft forehead strap that provides a higher degree of immobilization.

All the contact areas of this neck brace for trauma are lined with plush, laminated foam. This makes wearing the brace as comfortable as possible. These liners can be removed if desired. One can order additional liners for ease of cleaning.  Also, those with allergies to latex can use this mini-Minerva support—it is free of latex.

Minerva Brace for Neck Immobilizing

Treatment of injuries or conditions of the cervical spine sometimes requires that the head and neck be immobilized. After all, the spinal cord that provides sensation and the ability of move from the neck down is a component of this area. Therefore, special care must be taken that no further damage occurs via motion and so that proper healing takes place. Learn more about back problems.

The forces applied by the chin and occipital supports as well as the forehead strap provide ultimate immobilization of the spine. Also, the open, multi-part design makes it easier to put on and take off the spine cervical brace.

The open design and vented components are also beneficial in that they increase the breathability of the support for user comfort, and they help keep the skin cool, clean and dry. This is vital when it comes to preventing the skin from breaking down during an extended period of use of a neck immobilizer.

As an added bonus, the cervical spine immobilizer will not interfere with an MRI scan.

Post-op Neck Brace for after Surgery Stabilization

This immobilizing neck brace is an effective product for a number of situations that is designed with much attention to user comfort. Following is a breakdown of its functional and comfort-based features:

  • Restricts & immobilizes cervical spine
  • Highly adjustable to fit a patient
  • Ideal for treatment of the following conditions affecting the cervical spine: trauma, acute pain, arthritis, spinal stenosis or post-surgical care
  • Large trachea opening
  • Yoke system can be adjusted without tools
  • Vented occipital, chin and chest components
  • Open design for breathability
  • Two-piece design for air flow and ease of application.
  • Rigid components made of molded polyethylene
  • Occipital component includes a spine element made of aluminum that can be contoured to the cervical arch
  • Semi-rigid straps are easy to adjust; they also eliminate component shearing migration
  • Removable, soft forehead strap for additional immobilization
  • Removable, plush, laminated foam liner on all contact areas
  • Latex-free
  • Additional liners available for purchase
  • Two sizes: small/medium and large/XL

Sizing Chart

Collar SizeTip of Chin to Sternal Notch (see image above)
Small/Medium2.5" - 4"
Large/XL3.5" - 5.5"
All measurements taken in inches

Additional Information

L Code: L0190

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Broken neck now post op 4 fusions



Very comfortable better than a lot of brands I've used on my journey


Great immobilizing and very comfortable I've finally gotten an awesome Dr and a great brace






I bought this because i broke my neck. In the Hospital they have me in a really uncomfortable miami and then i saw this. Fast shipping great price and really nice.

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Mini Minerva Cervical Spine Thoracic Orthosis Brace

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