MAC Lumbosacral Back Support Corset for Women

FINAL SALE - No Returns, No Exchanges, only 1 size left in stock (Medium)

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FINAL SALE - No Returns, No Exchanges, only 1 size left in stock (Medium)

Back Support Brace for Women

The Cybertech/Ottobock MAC Low Profile Back Brace is a similar back support to the original MAC corset back brace, but with a greater range of usability and mobility for patients. It features a smaller, low profile style that allows users to be more mobile while maintaining the same stabilization. This low profile brace is less bulky and contours to a smaller framed or petite individual, such as a woman. The corset back brace measures 8.5” in the back and contours to 6” in the front of the brace.

This brace not only fits smaller individuals, but plus size individuals as well. The support corset goes up to sizes XL and 2XL, fitting waist circumferences up to 50” so finding your size will not be an issue.

It is ultimately designed for back pain as it comfortably curves to the body. The MAC (mechanical advantage corset) features a pulley system that allows you to easily adjust the brace with the pull of one hand in a matter of seconds. This helps to provide compression to the abdominal and lower back region. The handle attaches to a Velcro strip in the front, which minimizes any strain from twisting or turning of the body.

This back brace for lower back pain provides the power, comfort, control, and support that the original brace has in a lightweight and active design. Indicated to treat mild back sprains and strains, arthritis of the back, post-surgery protection, and other lower back injuries.

If you are needing a more rigid back brace that can treat more serious injuries, such as bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, or compression fractures, take a look at the MAC plus back brace. This back brace features a tall rigid back panel that helps to support the lower back. Since it includes this back panel it also can be reimbursed for insurance purposes using the insurance L code L0630.

Lumbar Corset for Treating Back Pain

Constructed of a moisture wicking material that makes it more breathable and comfortable compared to most other bulky back braces. The lightweight design is as thin as a belt - so you can wear it under or over your clothing. This back brace is available in a neutral black color.

The low profile and lightweight design allows you to wear this brace all day while at home, work, or even when you exercising or participating in physical activity. Wearing a back brace like this one during these activities can help to ease pressure and strain on the spine and lower back. It also prevents you from twisting or turning in a wrong position, that can lead to additional pain and injury to your back.

The lower back support helps to work well in recovery alongside back exercises and back treatment. Rest, reducing stress on the back, and heat or ice therapy is recommended to help diminish the pain you are experiencing in your back. This heat and ice therapy back brace makes it easier to apply cold or heat therapy and compression to the lower back.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Low-Profile MAC Corset Back Brace

How do I apply the back brace?

Open and extend the brace. The panel with the handle should be on the left. Center the brace on your lower back, and wrap the sides around the abdomen and secure with the right side overlapping the left. Then pull the handle to the desired tension and place the handle on the Velcro strip so that it attaches securely.

How do I know what size to get?

Measure the circumference around your waist at the narrowest part of your torso, and refer to the sizing chart. This back brace fits waist circumferences 25”-50”.

Is this brace only for women?

No, this brace can be worn by both men and women. It is low-profile and less bulky so it contours more easily to a small or petite individual. It can fit plus size individuals too, as it goes up to sizes XL and 2XL, fitting waist circumferences up to 50”.

Can I wash the brace?

Yes, hand wash the brace with mild soap and blot with towel or air dry, no sun or bleach.

Can I sleep in the brace?

This back brace can be worn when sleeping. However, if you sleep on your back the knobs on the back may irritate you while sleeping. If you are looking for a brace that you can sleep in, check out this comfortable sleeping back brace for your low back pain.

Can I workout or exercise in the back brace?

Yes, thanks to the lightweight design of this brace you will be able to exercise and work out in the back brace comfortably.  

What conditions does this back brace treat?

This brace is indicated to treat conditions such as mild lower back pain, back strains and sprains, arthritis of the back, post-surgery protection, etc.

Sizing Chart

SizeWaist Circumference
Small25" - 30"
Medium30" - 35"
Large35" - 40"
X-Large40" - 45"
2X-Large45" - 50"
All measurements taken in inches

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MAC Lumbosacral Back Support Corset for Women

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