Cervical Spine Immobilizer Neck Brace after Fusion or Surgery

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This comfortable cervical spine orthosis controls flexion, extension and rotation of the neck, protecting against further damage and promoting proper spinal alignment so that healing can occur. But this particular CSI immobilizer stands out thanks to its many user comfort-focused features, including pressure diffusion tabs, an aluminum element that can be customized to one’s cervical arch and a large trachea opening.
Detailed Description

Cervical Spine Immobilizer - Similar to Aspen & Miami J Collars

This high-quality immobilizing collar pairs a scientific design with user-comfort elements, increasing user compliance by making the wearing of a cervical spine orthosis a more pleasant experience.

The cervical collar is constructed of two pieces of semi-rigid thermoplastic that together limit flexion/extension, rotation and lateral bending of the neck. Doing so promotes proper spinal alignment and prevents additional damage from occurring when the cervical spine is in a vulnerable state. The support the neck immobilizer provides also allows healing to take place.

 The two pieces of the c-spine collar are secured via Velcro tabs that are easy and non-jarring to apply and adjust. To apply the neck brace, one should begin by placing the chin within the appropriate groove from the front portion of the collar. One should then swing the back portion around the neck, pull the Velcro strap forward until the collar is snug, and secure the strap. The chin should fit securely within the recess and the lower portion should be flush against the thoracic region of the body.

The cervical neck immobilizer works best if the ends of the posterior (back) portion of the brace are tucked beneath the anterior (front) portion. If one is in a recumbent position, the back portion of the collar should be applied first.

There are also a number of components one can adjust for a customized fit. For one, there is an aluminum spine element at the back of the neck that can be customized to the contour of the cervical arch. This also ensures total contact conformity during treatment.

The wide portion of the body that the lower portion of the neck brace/immobilizer comes in contact with also helps to disperse pressure, making for a more comfortable fit.

The collar for cervical spine support also comes with contoured diffusion tabs that can be flared out to diffuse pressure if needed.

The CSI neck orthotic includes three soft foam liners that make it soft against the skin. The lining can also be removed for cleaning purposes.

A large trachea opening improves the breathability of the CSI neck support, in addition to providing easy access to the trachea, bandaging, pulse, etc.

One might find this C-spine brace useful after traumatic accidents, for acute cervical spine pain, as part of spinal stenosis treatment or to relieve pain stemming from arthritis of the neck.

Wearing a Cervical Collar for Spine Immobilization

Neck pain is one of the most prevalent and expensive health problems in the U.S., affecting as much as a third of the population each year, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. A wide array of conditions/injuries can cause neck pain, ranging from acute injuries to repetitive stress injuries to chronic neck pain that develops over time to simply the wear and tear of aging.

After a car accident where one’s head is whipped back and forth, one may need to support the neck so that the strained tissues in this area can heal more quickly. Limiting the range of motion of the neck also prevents one from re-injuring these soft tissues. The same applies for repetitive stress injuries to the neck.

For those dealing with damage to the discs or vertebrae of the spine, such as a herniated disc or a vertebrae fracture, or a resulting narrowing of the open space within the spine known as cervical spinal stenosis, the neck support brace’s ability to limit flexion and extension, rotation and the lateral movement of the spine is invaluable for preventing further injury. Reducing pressure on the neck also allows healing to occur more rapidly.

Note that one should not rely on a neck CSI collar for lengthy periods of time. Doing so can do more harm than good as this can lead to muscle atrophy in the neck.

Details the CSI Neck Immobilizer

There are many reasons one may turn to a neck immobilizer, and the same can be said for why those in search of such neck orthotics should turns to the Cybertech cervical spine immobilizer. Following is a breakdown of its features:

  • The Cybertech neck brace limits flexion, extension and rotation of the cervical spine
  • Support and protection the neck collar offers makes it well suited after trauma, for spinal stenosis and other cervical disc or vertebrae problems, acute pain or arthritis of the neck
  • Large anterior opening improves breathability of the neck collar and allows easy tracheotomy access
  • Moldable aluminum spine element permits customization the c-spine neck collar to one’s cervical arch
  • Two semi-rigid thermoplastic elements of the immobilizer for the neck are ergonomically molded
  • Features scalloped, contoured diffusion tabs that can disperse pressure away from certain areas
  • Wide base of the immobilizing neck brace with thoracic extension disperses pressure over wide area
  • Velcro closures make it easy to apply/remove the immobilizing support for the neck
  • Soft foam liners of the neck brace for whiplash make it comfortable against the skin
  • Both the liners and the plastic shell can be cleaned with mild soap and water

Sizing Chart

SizeBrace Height
Measure the distance from the tip of your chin to your sternal notch, in inches (see image below)

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Cervical Spine Immobilizer Neck Brace after Fusion or Surgery

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