Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace for Ulnar Nerve

This unique elbow brace for cubital tunnel syndrome treatment immobilizes the elbow at a 122-degree angle and it allows users to easily access any dressing on the elbow. The cubital tunnel brace has a tough polyethylene shell that protects against pressure on the elbow as well as a plush cloth liner for user comfort.

Detailed Description

Cubital Tunnel Brace for Ulnar Nerve Entrapment Treatment 

This ulnar nerve elbow splint is an effective cubital tunnel treatment, whether one is dealing with it surgically or non-surgically. Not to be confused with carpal tunnel arm pain stemming from compression of the median nerve in the wrist area or radial tunnel syndrome where the radial nerve is compressed, cubital tunnel syndrome refers to compression or irritation of the ulnar nerve in the cubital tunnel area of the elbow. This area of the body is better known as one’s funny bone. (BraceAbility also stocks radial tunnel splints.)

Possible symptoms that wearing a cubital tunnel syndrome brace can help reduce include numbness or tingling of the ring finger and little finger (carpal tunnel symptoms of the arm affect the other fingers), weakening grip and finger coordination, and muscle wasting of the hand.

Unless muscle wasting has occurred, non-surgical treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome will likely suffice. But in either case this ulnar nerve entrapment brace can help.

The polyethylene shell of this ulnar neuropathy treatment protects the elbow from impact or compression. And the elbow brace for cubital tunnel protection is lined with a soft, plush cloth material.

The unique anterior elbow splint immobilizes the arm and holds the elbow at a comfortable 122-degree angle. This is helpful for preventing one from flexing the arms while one is sleeping as part of treatment for cubital tunnel injury.

But not everyone has success with cubital tunnel syndrome treatment without surgery.  Those in need of surgical cubital tunnel repair can turn to this ulnar neuropathy brace for protection and immobilization following such procedures. Plus the elbow splint for ulnar nerve care permits easy access to any dressing on the elbow. See more elbow braces for post-operative use.

Three Velcro straps ensure this ulnar neuropathy splint fits securely. Plus it permits easy adjustment and application of the elbow brace for ulnar nerve entrapment. One can trim the straps of this brace for ulnar nerve entrapment as needed.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

The ulnar nerve covers a lot of real estate. It travels from the neck region of the spinal cord all the way down the arm to the little-finger-side of the hand. It can become entrapped or pinched at numerous points besides the cubital tunnel of the elbow, though cubital tunnel syndrome happens to be the second most common reason for nerve entrapment neuropathy in the upper limb.

A number of things can cause this to occur, including leaning on one’s elbows for a long period of time, the ulnar nerve sliding out from behind the medial epicondyle (bony elbow bump) when it is bent, fluid buildup or a blow to the elbow.

Certain jobs or hobbies that require repetitive or prolonged bending of the elbows or conditions like diabetes can increase one’s likelihood of irritating the ulnar nerve and finding themselves in need of a cubital tunnel syndrome treatment brace. Pre-existing conditions like arthritis or bone spurs can also increase one’s risk of needing treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome.

Besides taking care not to put pressure on the elbow as one goes about his or her day, one might wear protective pads or elbow splints for ulnar nerve protection. If one works in front of a computer, it is important to avoid one’s armrests and to exercise proper posture. A night a brace for ulnar nerve entrapment can help prevent excessive bending of the arm while one sleeps.

A doctor may also recommend cubital tunnel syndrome treatment exercises to help the ulnar nerve slide through the cubital tunnel at the elbow more smoothly. Engaging in cubital tunnel syndrome treatment physical therapy can also help prevent the arm and wrist from getting stiff.

If these conservative modes of cubital syndrome treatment fail to bring relief, one might consider surgery to reduce pressure on the ulnar nerve. Depending on what type of surgical procedure one undergoes, a patient may have to wear an elbow brace for ulnar nerve protection for several weeks.

Major Features of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Brace

When it comes to elbow splints for ulnar nerve, user comfort is essential for compliance and ultimately the effectiveness of the splint for ulnar nerve entrapment. Following is a breakdown of its features:

  • The elbow splint for ulnar neuropathy features a unique anterior design
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome elbow brace immobilizes the elbow and positions it at a 122-degree angle
  • Splint for ulnar nerve injury permits easy access to any dressing
  • Indications: Cubital tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment, post-cubital tunnel surgery, other elbow overuse injuries causing antecubital pain (pain at the inner crease of the elbow)
  • High-density polyethylene shell is brace for ulnar neuropathy protects the ulnar nerve from outside forces and flexion
  • Plush liner of this ulnar nerve support brace ensures a comfortable fit
  • Ulnar neuropathy elbow brace is secured with three straps for a stable fit
  • Straps have Velcro closures for easy application and adjustment
  • Color: Black
  • Elbow splint for ulnar nerve entrapment comes in several sizes.
    • Small (03E0101S): Fits most females & smaller framed males
    • Medium (03E0101M): Fits most males & larger framed females
    • Large (03E0101L): Fits large framed males & extra-large framed females

Sizing Chart

SizeSizing Guide
SmallFits most females & smaller, petite framed males
MediumFits most males & larger framed females
LargeFits large framed males & extra-large framed females

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Save yourself a 500% mark up by PURCHASING HERE for this and other items--I'm still in sticker shock.


I've had agonizing cubital tunnel syndrome in left arm--stinging, burning pain 24/7, for over 6 months, and since phys. therapy was not working (twice) , I saw an orthopedist. He sent me down to the "Cast Room" after viewing the EMG I had 3 weeks before. I ended up getting billed for $325, for which only $25 was allowed by insurance. BEWARE!
I've been wearing that priced gouged nighttime cast, (twin version by Corflex, purchased from the Cast Room at medical office): the EXACT SAME BRACE as this one here on Braceability.Com, but 5X markup.
I held it up to the pc screen and it's identical without the rip off company's name on it. I had no idea this site existed, and I may have to have surgery later, anyway. Blecchh.
My other review, of what I am wearing now right out of their box for daytime is the "Braceability Adult Elbow Stabilizer" if you want to see it on this site. How does one comply with "Don' t bend your elbow all day?" without a separate, smaller brace?

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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace for Ulnar Nerve

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