Athletic Hamstring & Quad Compression Sleeve

This hamstring compression sleeve enhances circulation and speeds lactic acid removal, helping with endurance and enabling one to recover more quickly from a tough workout or an injury. This hamstring support applies true medical-grade compression, helping it to stand out from other quad compression sleeves.
Detailed Description

Quad and Hamstring Compression Sleeve

This Cramer hamstring sleeve enhances blood flow, which, in turn, speeds lactic acid removal and encourages quicker healing. The hamstring brace also reduces the vibration of the thigh muscles. These qualities help this hamstring compression wrap to improve endurance, help one recover more quickly from a tough workout or speed along hamstring pulls or quadriceps strain recovery.

The medical-grade compression of this quad sleeve has had proven results when it comes to boosting circulation, speeding lactic acid removal and reducing recovery time. The quad compression sleeve also provides lightweight support to one’s muscles.

The knitted material of this brace for quadriceps or hamstring muscle pain is lightweight and highly stretchable.  Its placement is such that it will not interfere with the movement of the knee or irritate the groin area. This means this quad brace is comfortable to wear and will not disrupt one’s performance.

Adding to the comfort aspect of this compression sleeve for quad strain and more is its moisture-transfer design. This makes the product dry quickly for a more comfortable fit. The compression sleeve for hamstring injury also features an anti-microbial finish that helps control unpleasant odors in addition to promoting a more sanitary fit.

The compression sleeve for hamstring injury does not have any seams, eliminating the risk of pressure points or chaffing.

This thigh compression wrap comes in a neutral black color and it works for both men and women. One can get the quadriceps compression sleeve in two sizes that fit a wide variety of thigh circumferences ranging from 14.5 inches to 27 inches.

Hamstring Sleeve for Quad Strains, Hamstring Pulls and More

Pulled hamstring treatment and pulled quadriceps treatment are quite similar, despite the fact they involve different muscle groups of the thigh. A quadriceps strain refers to tear of one of the quad muscles at the front of the thigh. Quad muscle injuries are typically caused by explosive activities like sprinting, jumping or kicking, especially if one did not warm up.

A hamstring strain refers to overstretching or tearing one or several of the three muscles at the back of the thigh. This is typically caused either by sprinting or by stretch-oriented movement as one might sustain in sports like martial arts, dance or gymnastics.

One’s risk of straining a hamstring is also increased by failing to warm up and stretch before athletic activity. Muscle imbalances can also increase one’s risk of sustaining such an injury. Therefore, warming up and making sure both the hamstring and quadriceps are equally strong is important if you want to prevent a quad or hamstring muscle pull.

Both injuries cause pain, swelling and bruising, with the degree of the symptoms depending upon the grade of the strain. Addressing these symptoms typically involves following the steps of RICE—rest, ice, compress and elevate. Cold therapy and compression can help stop internal bleeding and swelling; doing so can limit the extent of the injury. Quad sleeves can help with the latter.

In more serious cases, one may need to undergo a rehabilitation program, sports massage or electrotherapy as part of hamstring or quadriceps injury treatment. As one does return to activity, it is important to do gradually and to warmup and stretch before a workout. Wearing a thigh support sleeve like this that offers lightweight support and compression to the muscles can help with quad or hamstring injury prevention.

Direct contact to the thigh can also result in a contusion of the hamstring or quadriceps, causing pain, swelling and bruising. Again, rest, ice and compression can help get bleeding and inflammation under control. This sleeve can also help with this type of hamstring or quad injury recovery.

The tendon that attaches the quadriceps muscles to the kneecap can also be overstressed, causing inflammation and small tears known as quadriceps tendonitis. This is most common among those who run or are involved in sports that involve jumping.

Quad tendonitis treatment is similar to other quad injury treatment in that it involves following the steps of RICE. Again, this hamstring support sleeve can help with the compression aspect in addition to protecting against further injury. And the fact that it is flexible makes it compatible with the rehabilitation exercises and stretches one may need to pursue.

Comfortable and Versatile Cramer Hamstring Brace

There are a number of reasons this hamstring and quad muscle injury brace is an ideal solution for existing injuries as well as for injury prevention or performance enhancement. Following is a breakdown of its selling points:

  • Thigh sleeve for hamstring injury provides medical-grade compression to the quadriceps and hamstring muscles
  • Thigh brace for sports improves blood flow
  • Sleeve speeds lactic acid removal
  • Thigh support for better endurance and quicker recovery
  • Eases stress of jumping, running etc. by limiting muscle vibration
  • Brace for the hamstrings provides light support and protection to the muscles of the thigh
  • Knitted material makes the pulled leg muscle brace highly flexible and durable
  • Athletic leg brace has a moisture transferring design for quick drying and a comfortable fit
  • Quad sleeve’s anti-microbial finish helps with odor management
  • Sleeve treats hamstring pulls/strains, quadriceps pulls/strains, thigh muscle contusion, quadriceps tendonitis and other quad and hamstring injuries
  • Upper leg sleeve can also be used for quicker recovery and to prevent an injury
  • Seamless leg sleeve will not chaff the skin or cause pressure points
  • Affordable quadriceps brace
  • Unisex thigh compression brace for men and women
  • This thigh sleeve is black in color
  • Compression sleeve for the thigh comes in two sizes based on the circumference of the thigh at its widest point:
    • Small/medium: 14.5”-18”
    • Large/X-large: 18”-27”


Sizing Chart

SizeThigh Circumference
S/M14.5" - 18"
L/XL18" - 27"
Measure the circumference around the widest part of your thigh, in inches.

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Great Product, all in all reliable


Basically what you would want in a compressor, it does the job and isn't that expensive. What more can a guy ask for? 10/10 recommend.

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Athletic Hamstring & Quad Compression Sleeve

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