Cramer 3" Deluxe Athletic Bandage Wrap

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This athletic wrap is designed to provide support and compression for injuries such as knees, wrists, elbows, and more. It is comfortable to wear and easy to apply and adjust for a custom fit. 

Detailed Description

This deluxe woven elastic wrap is made of heavy gauge rubber material that is also heat resistant. The breathable cotton body promotes circulation and helps minimize heat build-up while still providing maximum support.  The athletic bandage wrap is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and easy to apply. With flexible clip fasteners it is easy to adjust for an individual custom fit. It can be used for many injuries including knee, wrist, and elbow providing support and compression during recovery. When needed, the elastic wrap can be washed and will retain its shape and elasticity through repeated washings. It comes in a roll that is 3” wide and 15’ long, making it long and wide enough to cover and wrap the injured area. 

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Cramer 3" Deluxe Athletic Bandage Wrap

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