Knee-O-Trakker Short 6" Knee Brace

Few wish to wear a large, bulky knee brace for any occasion, let alone for athletic activity. Thus, this short knee brace is a popular product for those dealing with knee injuries that do not require immobilization of the knee. The position of the c-shaped buttress of this patella stabilizer can be adjusted as needed and the brace is about as low-profile as you can go without buying a patella strap

Detailed Description

Short Patella Knee Brace

Of course, not all injuries can be treated via a small knee brace. But for some, this patella stabilizing knee brace is sufficient for stabilizing the knee after an injury or as one goes through rehab. Some conditions it can help with include the following:

This knee-o-tracker has no hinges, which makes it more comfortable to wear. If you need a hinged version of this same brace with an L-code for insurance billing purposes, this is available by special order; please call us. (See more hinged knee braces.) Plus sizes of the patellar knee brace are also available.

The c-shaped buttress can be positioned as needed for one’s injury. The kneecap area of the brace is open, keeping pressure off the patella and making the fit more comfortable.

This short knee brace is made of premium-grade latex-free CoolTex that is a lightweight and breathable neoprene alternative. This material is also sweat-resistant. All of these qualities make it a good knee brace for sports use.

The compression-molded buttress is textured and made of neoprene.

Versatile strapping and its d-rings allow for dynamic treatment and adjustable tension control. The two straps also mean the fit of the Corflex knee brace is easy to adjust.

Low-profile Patella Stabilizer for Injury

A properly tracking kneecap is essential for pain-free movement. Misalignment of the patella, patella tendon injuries and a wearing down, roughening or softening of the cartilage under the knee cap can all compromise the function of the knee joint and cause pain.

The good news is that in many instances, the knee pain can be addressed via conservative methods, such as avoiding activities that aggravate the knee and switching to low-impact activity, taking anti-inflammatory medications, icing the knee, resting it and engaging in physical therapy exercises and stretches.

Taping the knee or wearing a brace can also help with patellar tracking and reducing stress on the knee cap. This particular short patellar brace is a favorite for its athlete-friendly friendly features like sweat resistance and its minimalist design. It is also a popular knee brace for running.

And of course the adjustable, C-shaped buttress is great for stabilizing the patella and making sure it is tracking properly. See more patella stabilizing braces.   

Small Corflex Knee-o-Trakker Brace Features

This hassle-free short kneecap brace stabilizes the knee without interfering with one’s performance. Following are some of its other selling points:

  • Made of Lightweight & Breathable CoolTex
  • Sweat-resistant & Cool fit
  • Hypoallergenic
  • C-shaped buttress stabilizes the knee, and is reversible, depending on whether you need support on the left or right side of your patella. The buttress can also be removed completely.
  • Adjustable tension straps to control patella motion
  • Made of compression-molded, textured neoprene
  • Versatile strapping system for dynamic treatment
  • Open patella design with a kneecap cutout
  • Discreet black color
  • Treats: Patella subluxation, patellofemoral syndrome,  rehab for patella tendon injuries
  • Many sizes available (based on circumference at the midpoint of the kneecap)
    • X-Small: 12”-13”
    • Small: 13”-14”
    • Medium: 14”-15”
    • Large: 15”-16”
    • X-Large: 16”-18”
    • 2X-Large: 18”-20”
    • 3X-Large: 20”-22”
    • 4X-Large: 22”-24”

Sizing Chart

X-Small12" - 13"
Small13 - 14"
Medium14 - 15"
Large15" - 16"
XL16" - 18"
2XL18" - 20"
3XL20" - 22"
4XL22" - 24"
Circumference measurement point: kneecap

Additional Information

L Code: L2795

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So thankful


This knee brace is my life,literally I have to wear these on both of my knees 24/7 I have two pair one pair for the shower and one pair for every other time. I have had to wear these braces for five years now! They work amazing! My patella pops out of socket if I do not wear my brace and when I wear my brace I have no issues... I get a new pair about every year.. I want to thank you guys so much for such an amazing product! If it wasn't for you guys i would have to be in a wheelchair most of my life! You guys are a true blessing to me<3

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Knee-O-Trakker Short 6" Knee Brace

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