Patellar Subluxation

The temporary, partial dislocation of the kneecap from its normal position in the groove of the femur can be quite painful, not to mention it can lead to long-term damage to the joint. In some cases, one might develop patellar subluxation syndrome where the patella repetitively subluxates, stressing the tissues of one’s joint.

Conservative patellar subluxation treatment typically involves the use of ice, elevation and anti-inflammatory pain medications to reduce inflammation, along with behavioral education and physical therapy to correct muscle imbalances that might be to blame for the knee subluxation. Wearing a patellar subluxation brace can help keep the kneecap in place.

In some cases, surgery may be needed to correct leg structure abnormalities that are to blame for medial or lateral subluxation of the patella.

BraceAbility offers a number of braces that can relieve one’s patellar subluxation symptoms by reducing stress on one’s knee joint and helping the kneecap track as it should.

Open Patella Knee Brace for Patellar Subluxation

Many prefer an open patella knee brace for dealing with a subluxated knee, as this style of subluxation knee brace keeps pressure off the kneecap.

A top selling brace of this variety is the Osgood Schlatters disease knee brace. This support features a patella pad that helps the kneecap stay centered in its femoral groove as well as a circumferential strap beneath the kneecap that puts light pressure on the patellar tendon that might be causing some problems when it comes to patellar tracking.

The J brace patellar stabilizer is another good option. The C-shaped buttress and four-part strapping system of this patellar subluxation knee brace stabilizes the kneecap and promotes correct patellar tracking. It also features stays on either side of the knee for an additional layer of support as well as to keep the brace from bunching or rolling.

For even more support, one might consider this hinged, wrap-around knee brace. The brace’s dual action hinges allow smooth extension and flexion movements while preventing damaging side-to-side motions of the knee. As one’s treatment advances, one can remove these hinges from the brace for patellar subluxation for a more flexible fit. The open patella keeps pressure off a sore kneecap, while the opening at the back of the knee improves the flexibility and breathability of the support. This patella subluxation brace also comes in plus-sizes.

Specialty Braces for Knee Subluxation

Being overweight or obese can increase stress on one’s knee joint, increasing the risk of subluxating or even dislocating one’s knee. In such cases, weight loss is an important component of treating an unstable knee. But this will take time.

In the meantime, one can use one of our plus-size knee subluxation braces to help with patellar tracking. This bariatric patella support knee sleeve for big legs is a simple, pull-on knee sleeve with an open patella.

Or one might consider this knee brace for large legs (up to 31"). This pull-on knee subluxation brace is also open at the kneecap. Note that one can trim this opening if needed using scissors. The plus-size knee brace for a subluxated patella also comes with Velcro straps above and below the kneecap that help keep the brace suspended.

Adults are not the only ones in need of patella subluxation treatment. Therefore, we also offer this Bort pediatric knee brace for kids. It features a silicone pad that surrounds one’s kneecap, protecting the joint and applying targeted compression.  A child can wear this knee brace day and night, including during athletic activity.

Closed Patella Brace for Medial or Lateral Subluxation of the Patella

Some prefer the added warmth and support of a closed patella brace when it comes to treating kneecap subluxation. Bort’s GenuZip lightweight zipper knee brace is one such option. The full-length zipper closure of this sleeve makes application a breeze. One can even apply it over pants or shoes.  A silicone pad around the kneecap helps stabilize the patella.

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 Patella Knee Support is a high-tech option for stabilizing the kneecap. Its silicone massage pad insert with inward-facing silicone pressure points apply targeted compression to relieve pain. The silicone component also activates several joint-stabilizing muscles, further improving the tracking of one’s kneecap and easing pain and swelling.

The subluxation knee brace also features a corrective strap that helps prevent the kneecap from drifting sideways. An added bonus—the knee brace for patella subluxation can be machine-washed. 

The GenuTrain A3 knee brace for arthritis relief is a similar Bauerfeind product that helps keep the kneecap centered during movement. It does so in part by stimulating skin receptors and nerve endings in the muscle/tendon transition around the knee to enhance proprioception and diminish swelling and pain.

Band for Patellar Subluxation Treatment

In some cases, tacking down the patellar tendon and/or preventing the kneecap from drifting too far downward is enough to treat a knee subluxation.

In such cases, one might consider a simple patella tendon strap or patella knee support band with a soft pressure pad and a d-ring, contact-closure strap.