Knee Sprain & Strain

A sprain or strain to the knee is a painful injury that can leave one vulnerable to further injury and keep one away from the activities he or she enjoys. Thankfully, conservative modes of care that one can do from the comfort of one’s home usually suffice for strained or sprained knee treatment.

While there is a difference between a sprained knee and a strained knee (a sprain refers to a stretched or torn ligament, while a strain is a similar injury to either a muscle or tendon), treatment for a knee sprain or strain is largely the same.

The severity of one’s injury will dictate the duration and mode of treatment, but generally speaking the initial goal of treatment is to reduce swelling and pain via rest, ice, compression, elevation or massage.

The second part of knee sprain treatment focuses on improving the condition of the injured knee joint and restoring it to its pre-injury level of function. This typically involves an exercise program to prevent stiffness and restore flexibility and strength to one’s knee.

Sleeves for Strained or Sprained Knee Treatment

For moderate to mild strains or sprains to the knee, wearing a simple sleeve can make a world of difference when it comes to knee sprain treatment and recovery. The compression they apply can help reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing. In addition, knee sleeves can also help stabilize the vulnerable joint.

One of our standout products for treatment of knee sprains and other injuries is the Incredibrace athletic bamboo charcoal knee sleeve. This is not your ordinary, run-of-the mill brace for a knee sprain. It is composed of material that is a unique blend of bamboo, charcoal and geranium that increase blood flow across the area it spans. The circulatory benefits of the sprained knee brace are activated by one’s body heat. This is one of the best knee braces for a sprained knee because it does not rely solely on compression to bring one relief.

Another popular product for knee strain treatment is the breathable athletic open patella knee sleeve with stays. As the name implies, this knee brace for sprains and strains is geared toward active use, making it a great support during rehab or as one gets back to athletic activity. The Cooltex material of which it is composed lets heat and moisture escape, and the open patella design improves its flexibility. The opening also keeps pressure directly off a sore kneecap.

This elastic/cotton slip-on knee sleeve is a highly affordable knee sprain brace that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. This closed-patella sleeve can reduce inflammation and mild joint effusion that often follows a sprain or strain to the tissues of the knee.

The Corflex neoprene knee sleeve is another closed-patella treatment for knee strains. The neoprene of which it is composed is soft against the skin and it warms the knee, soothing pain and easing stiffness. The knee sleeve is anatomically contoured and it will easily slide over one’s knee. 

The Bort dual-tension compression knee pain brace is one of our thinnest and lightest supports for strained knee treatment. It is made using three-dimensional stitching that enables the brace to conform to one’s body without permanently stretching out. This means it offers better support and compression than many traditional knitted knee braced for sprained knee care. The knee sheath is also thin enough to fit beneath a hinged, functional or post-operative knee brace for added support.

Bariatric Brace for Knee Sprain Treatment

Those who are overweight or obese are at an even higher risk of spraining or straining a knee. Therefore, BraceAbility offers several knee sprain symptoms treatment options specifically geared toward large legs.

The bariatric patella support knee sleeve for big legs is one such option. The open-patella knee brace for sprained knee care is available in sizes ranging from large to 3XL. The neoprene knee sleeve supports, warms and compresses the knee, in addition to protecting it against further injury. The buttress can be trimmed as needed.

For a bit more support, one might consider this bariatric plus-size knee brace, which features dual axis polycentric hinges for medial and lateral support. The fit of the wrap-around knee brace for knee sprain care can easily be adjusted thanks to its Velcro strap closures. And one can get this knee brace in in sizes up to 6XL. It is also available in non-plus sizes.

Hinged Sprained Knee Brace

In some cases, a heavier-duty brace with hinges is needed for knee ligament sprain treatment.

The Corflex posterior adjustable hinged knee sleeve with buttress is a unique combination of a wrap and a brace. The lower part of the knee brace for sprains and strains is a sleeve, applying beneficial compression. The upper part of the knee support is an adjustable wrap with hinges that make it easy to move about while wearing the sprained knee brace. The hinges also stabilize the knee and prevent it from moving in damaging ways.

Another hybrid brace of sorts is Bort’s articulated joint knee brace. It comes with hinges and splints on either side of the knee that are interchangeable as well as removable. This keeps the brace relevant as one’s treatment progresses. Another advantage is that the hinges can be set to 0 degrees of extension for instances where range-of-motion control is needed. This knee brace with stays and hinges also comes with a silicone pad that supports one’s patella.

Padded Sleeve for Knee Strain Treatment

In some cases, one might want the added protection of padding around the knee without the bulk of hinges. That might be the case for one who kneels a lot for a career or hobby or for those who play a sport where one might come in contact with other players or the ground.

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace is specifically designed for athletes and active people with a wide variety of knee injuries. In fact, even some professional athletes like Kobe Bryant wear the GenuTrain knee brace. The breathable knee support is lightweight and comfortable. Another huge bonus—it is machine washable.  A silicone insert keeps pressure off the patella and provides alternating compression to the most vulnerable areas of the joint.

This neoprene padded knee protection sleeve is a bit more affordable option. The simple, padded knee sleeve warms and compressed the joint and its padding offers protection against injury. This latex-free padded knee brace comes in sizes up to 4XL.