Jumper's Knee

Jumper’s Knee Strap & Jumper’s Knee Braces

Jumper’s knee is a painful condition that is especially common among athletes whose sports involve jumping, such as basketball, volleyball or track and field. It can also affect athletes whose sports involve repetitive or explosive motions of the knee. Those with jumper’s knee experience pain, inflammation and stiffness in the area just below the knee cap where the patellar tendon lies.

This is because the aforementioned motions of the knee can cause small tears to the patellar tendon that connects the knee cap to the shin bone, causing the painful, performance-disrupting symptoms. If left untreated, jumper’s knee, or patellar tendinitis can disrupt life outside of the court or field. Get more information about jumper’s knee.

Thus, it is important to address the condition. The simplest means of treatment involve taking time off from the stressful activity and icing the affected region. Also, in terms of both treatment and prevention, it is a good idea to engage in jumper’s knee exercises and stretches.

Jumper’s Knee Strap

But sometimes taking time off is not an option or stretching and strengthening the affected muscles are not enough. There are a number of jumper’s knee support products that can ease your pain and heal the condition.

A jumper’s knee strap, or patella band, can help treat jumper’s knee and accelerate the healing process. The jumper knee strap works by redistributing force away from the knee and through the knee band to ease pain.

BraceAbility offers the Bort Patella Tendon Strap at an affordable price. This jumpers knee strap features has a D-ring strap design with a Velcro closure, which makes it easy to put on.

The simple design of the patella band is also non-restrictive and comfortable as it is made of breathable, washable material. All the while, the knee band’s pressure pad insert eases pain and promotes healing, getting you back to the activities you love.

Jumper’s Knee Brace

Looking for a jumper’s knee support that offers even more support? A jumper’s knee brace may be for you.

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 Patella Tracking Brace provides knee support and eases pain without restricting mobility. Every element of this jumper’s knee brace was designed with user comfort and sound healing in mind.

This soft jumper’s knee brace features high elasticity that makes it both easy to put on and take off and ensures perfect fit. The part of the brace below the knee cap features a pressure-reduced edge to make sure this brace both fits and feels great while not constricting movement.

The material at the sensitive hollow of the knee is of even softer material than the rest of the knee brace to ward off any uncomfortable chaffing or rubbing.

At the front of the jumper knee brace in the knee cap area is a silicone omega pad that reduces pressure and thereby pain in the injured region of the knee. It does so by activating important knee stabilizing joint muscles, with the effect of reducing soreness and swelling and increasing support.

This knee brace is constructed of washable, breathable, knitted material that is lightweight but durable. Further, the stitching of the brace and holds in the knit guard keep the jumpers knee brace from sliding or bunching up on your leg as you jump, run, kick or sprint.

The Bauerfeind knee brace comes in a variety of colors and as an added bonus, it ships for free. You can watch a video about the Genutrain P3 Knee Brace to learn more. 

Jumper’s Knee Supports as Preventative Measures

Besides getting you back to the athletic activities you enjoy and accelerating the healing process, wearing a jumper’s knee brace or a jumper’s knee strap can also be a preventative measure. The added support can help ward off overloading the knee and causing secondary injuries.

Wearing jumper’s knee brace can also help prevent or delay the need for more extreme treatment options, such as knee replacement or surgery to repair patellar tendonitis.