Post-op Broken Foot / Toe Fracture Shoe

This post-op shoe features a roomy, square-toe design that protects the toes and foot as one recovers from various surgeries to the foot. Its thick, stiff sole makes it an ideal broken foot shoe, and each of its three Velcro closures can be adjusted for a customized fit. The shoe for the broken foot also includes a rear support area.
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Classic Post-op Shoe for a Broken Foot

This medical shoe can come to one’s aid after various surgical procedures. This includes ones to address Lisfranc fractures, stress fractures, bunions, heel fractures, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis or Morton’s neuroma, to name just a few.

What makes this one of the best post-op shoes? For one, its square-toe design is ideal for post-operative care. The squared toe provides extra protection and prevents the toes from rubbing against the brace or some other surface.

The rear support area of the post-operative shoe also gives one biomechanical rearfoot control that is essential to having control of other areas of the foot. If one’s post-operative shoes (or other shoes, for that matter) were lacking this component, the toes would constantly be gripping downward and one would be at greater risk of strain, pain and reinjury—to the foot and other areas of the body.

The padded heel area of this particular flat post op shoe makes sure slippage does not occur.

Post foot surgery shoes should also have a thick, rigid sole. This flat-bottom shoe for a broken foot certainly fits the bill. One must really put some muscle in it to get the sole of the shoe to bend even a small amount.

But a rocker sole also makes it easy to walk about in such post-surgery shoes. The post-surgical shoe has traction grooves on the bottom that prevents one from slipping about during motion. This, too, is important to preventing re-injury.

This orthotic is available as both a women’s post op shoe and one for men. The difference is that the post-op shoe for women is a bit narrower. Both versions of these shoes for a broken foot come in a variety of sizes.

The multi-strap closure system of these broken foot shoes allows further customization. The three contact closure straps can each be adjusted to fit one’s foot. This is also handy in that a post-surgery shoe needs to be adjustable as one’s swelling subsides and bandaging is removed.

Another reason these are some of the best shoes for broken foot care is that there is no need to slide them on, irritating tender tissues. One can simply open up the straps, insert the foot and then easily secure the three Velcro straps as well as their underlying layer of protective material. The Velcro closures make application, removal and adjustment quick and easy.

The material that shields each strap from the skin is knitted and breathable. It will not soak up moisture or odors. As an added bonus, this layer of the shoe for fractured foot care is lined with a springy, soft material that is comfortable against the skin.

The insole of the post-surgical shoes can be removed.  This is convenient for instances where use of a pressure-relieving insole or arch support is needed.

How a Broken Foot Shoe Helps after Surgery

After foot surgery, freely moving around can easily undo the repairs the surgeon made. Therefore, recovery from foot surgery typically involves a period of immobilization, followed by several weeks of progressive weight bearing and motion, including use of a walking boot or a medical shoe for broken foot care.

Eventually, one will likely need to go through a physical therapy program to return strength, flexibility and balance to the affected leg.

And even when one transitions out of medical shoes for a broken foot, one will still likely need to stick to “special” shoes that are appropriate for those who have broken their foot. Such shoes likely will include qualities such as a stiff sole, supportive insoles and a closed back.

How long each of these stages takes depends upon the health and age of the individual and the type of surgical procedure one has undergone. Forefoot surgeries such as those to repair a bunion or hammertoe or fuse the first metatarsal requires a much shorter period of immobilization than complex bony procedures, as one can still walk on the heel of one’s foot in the former scenario.

The sizing flexibility the three closure straps across the top of the post-foot fracture shoe allows is also great for ensuring the boot still fits as one’s recovery advances. Immediately after surgery, one will need more space due to swelling and bandaging. But eventually, one will no longer need to wear said bandaging and inflammation will subside. One can simply tighten the straps of the post-op foot surgery shoe as this occurs.

A strap around the ankle also ensures that the one’s foot fits securely within the flat surgical shoe with its open, square toe area. The rocker sole and traction treads at the bottom of the fractured foot shoe are also smart features both in terms of user comfort and safety.

Key Features of Post-operative Shoe

Finding the right shoes after one has broken or otherwise injured the foot can be a daunting task. This particular boot meets most medical professionals’ list of criteria when it comes to selecting the best shoe for a broken foot once a period of immobilization has come to an end. Following is a list of the reasons that makes these shoes good after a broken foot or plantar surgery:

  • Shoes for use after surgery, including ones to repair broken toes, bunions, hammertoe, Lisfranc fractures, plantar fasciitis and more
  • Square, open toe area of the surgical shoe for a broken foot protects the foot and toes
  • Rigid sole of the flat shoe for broken foot injuries is highly supportive
  • Rocker sole and traction at the bottom of the post-surgery support shoe make movement easier and safer
  • Padded heel of the shoes for broken feet prevent the heel from slipping
  • Insole can be removed and replaced with pressure-relieving insoles or arch supports if one is in need of medical shoes for flat feet
  • Ankle, mid- and forefoot straps are highly adjustable thanks to Velcro closures
  • Soft padding along the inner portion of the post broken foot shoes make them comfortable for extended periods of use
  • Shoe for broken feet feature a relatively open design and airflow-friendly material
  • Foot fracture shoe comes in a narrower women’s size and a wider version for men

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I have high hopes this will help me!


Looks like it is lightweight and will keep the fracture protected so it will heal properly.

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Post-op Broken Foot / Toe Fracture Shoe

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