Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

Find a Tennis Elbow Brace for Tennis Elbow Treatment

Treatment for tennis elbow varies based upon the severity of one’s injury as well as how one responds to various home remedies for tennis elbow. As with many injuries or conditions, the best treatment for tennis elbow is usually a multi-faceted approach, with “natural” cures for tennis elbow nearly always preferable to invasive techniques.

How to Treat Tennis Elbow

The initial steps when it comes to how to fix tennis elbow involve following the steps of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) and taking anti-inflammatory pain medications. These steps for lateral epicondylitis treatment are aimed at getting any inflammation under control, as this is typically the source of pain and the holdup to healing.

A tennis elbow sleeve can help with the compression element, while the BraceAbility Tennis Elbow Cold Therapy Gel Compression Strap simplifies the cold therapy component of treating tennis elbow. One can easily adjust the tennis elbow band placement so that the cold gel pack is positioned right where it is needed. And one can easily move above while engaging in cold therapy thanks to this elbow band for tennis elbow.  

If such methods aimed at home treatment for tennis elbow fail to bring relief, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional for learning how to cure tennis elbow pain.  A doctor or therapist might suggest a variety of tennis elbow treatments, but the most common initial approach for one seeking a tennis elbow cure is doing tennis elbow treatment exercises (possibly with the help of a therapist) and wearing some sort of tennis elbow support to reduce stress on the soft tissues at the outer part of the elbow.

BraceAbility offers a number of tennis elbow braces with a variety of features that are available in a number of fits and sizes. This means you should have no trouble finding the best brace for tennis elbow for you.

Tennis Elbow Strap

A number of people find an elbow strap for tennis elbow to be a non-cumbersome and effective cure for tennis elbow. A tennis elbow support strap takes up a relatively small amount of space on one’s forearm and the tennis elbow strap placement just below the elbow will not interfere with most activities. Plus these armbands for tennis elbow come with a highly affordable price tag.

BraceAbility's straps for tennis elbow help stimulate blood and oxygen flow in the region, which is especially helpful for those concerned with how to cure tennis elbow fast. Arm braces for tennis elbow are specifically designed with tennis elbow symptoms and treatment in mind, with a sleek design and comfortable fit. This tennis elbow remedy provides compression to the muscles of the forearm without disrupting blood flow. Our tennis elbow support bands also work for other conditions like golfer’s elbow, strains or other tendopathies.  

Tennis Elbow Band

Another one of BraceAbility’s top-selling braces for tennis elbow is the Corflex Counterforce Brace for Tennis Elbow. Many find this to be the best tennis elbow brace thanks to its universal sizing, simple wrap-around design and affordable price tag.

Another favorite in terms of tennis elbow bands is the Bort Tennis Elbow Forearm Strap Epicondylitis Treatment. This remedy for tennis elbow is tapered to fit the body’s lines and it features two silicone pads whose placement can be adjusted as needed. These components massage the forearm independently during motion, which can speed tennis elbow rehabilitation.

One of BraceAbility’s simplest products is the Corflex Band it Tennis Elbow Brace & Golfers Elbow Strap. The tennis elbow band it brace is constructed of a two-piece padded plastic component with a contact closure. This simple tennis elbow treatment brace pressures the overstressed tendons while maintaining complete range of motion of the elbow.

Tennis Elbow Sleeve and Wrap Options

BraceAbility's most popular tennis elbow wraps work well for everyday use, but these tennis elbow wraps are specifically designed with athletic use in mind. This means one can wear it while engaging in tennis elbow physical therapy treatment, too.

The unique material and construction of this sleeve for tennis elbow increases blood flow to the injured region.  And the fabric of which this arm band for tennis elbow is constructed has antimicrobial benefits for user comfort.

More Tennis Elbow Support

But not everyone looking to fix tennis elbow is in search of a minimal sleeve or armband for tennis elbow. Some may be looking for a fuller support when it comes to treatments for tennis elbow pain. Our lateral epicondylitis braces includes visco-elastic pads that stimulate the muscles to reduce inflammation and encourage healing. The knitted material of the sleeve is comfortable and it provides targeted compression for tennis elbow pain treatment.

Post-surgical Tennis Elbow Braces

BraceAbility’s top seller in terms of elbow straps and bands is a dual tension knitted support for improved compression. And its silicone pads massage the forearm, which can speed rehab for tennis elbow. Besides a high-quality design, this anatomically knitted tennis elbow support brace is quite comfortable to wear. This is an especially important quality in instances where one cannot cure tennis elbow without surgery. This brace for lateral epicondylitis also works for post-operative care.

Another tennis elbow arm brace that can be used as a post-surgery immobilizer is the Bort KubiFX Elbow Immobilizer Brace with Splints. This tennis elbow splint is heavier duty than most elbow braces for tennis elbow BraceAbility stocks.

Unfortunately, there are times when even the best tennis elbow treatment regimens fail to bring relief and surgery is necessary. Afterward, one will need to immobilize the elbow area. This immobilizing splint for tennis elbow protects the elbow with attention to user-comfort. This immobilizer is ideal for post-surgical care for a number of procedures outside of tennis elbow, including:

  • Sulcus ulnaris
  • Bursectomy
  • Tendopathies
  • Surgical reconstruction following trauma or to repair congenital defects

See BraceAbility’s full line of elbow supports for post-operative care.

Tennis Elbow Splint, Elbow Braces for the Wrist

Seeking lighter-duty tennis elbow splints? The Bort Elbow Sprain & Injury Treatment Brace with Splints is quite similar to the Bort Dual-Tension Compression Elbow Brace, but it has the added benefit of splints for preventing unwanted movement at the elbow joint. For user comfort, this elbow splint for tennis elbow is lightweight and breathable.

A unique product among BraceAbility’s tennis elbow supports is the Bort Athletic Wrist Support Wrap for Tennis. This wrist brace for tennis elbow can provide relief from tennis elbow pain that travels down the forearm to the wrist.

Like other tennis elbow aids, this wrist splint for tennis elbow can help with a number of conditions including wrist sprains or strains, overuse injuries or for added support after the removal of a cast.

If you are still in need of help for tennis elbow braces and supports selection, feel free to call or e-mail BraceAbility’s helpful customer service representatives.