Compression Shin Splint Pain Brace / Leg Sleeve

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These shin sleeves are scientifically proven to increase circulation, lowering pain, swelling, stiffness and fatigue. This makes it a great solution for alleviating the symptoms of shin splints or sore leg muscles. The shin guard sleeves are intended for active use.
Detailed Description

What Are Shin Splints?

Shin splint pain is a relatively common occurrence that affects the front (anterior shin splints) or the inside edge of the shin bone (posterior shin splints). This discomfort is typically caused by overdoing it in terms of athletic activity.

In other words, a runner who suddenly increases the distance or pace of his or her workout might experience pain in the shin. Or one who has not worked out for some time may end up dealing with shin and muscle pain if he or she goes full-bore, rather than scaling into a workout routine.

Running or jumping on hard surfaces, running/walking up a lot of hills or exercising in non-supportive or worn-out shoes can also increase one’s risk of lower shin pain. Tight or imbalanced muscles may also be a culprit.

Best Shin Splint Sleeve for Shin Splints Pain

Wearing these basketball leg sleeves can ease one’s symptoms and speed along shin splints recovery. The shin splint support can lessen strain on these tissues, though one should not use this as an excuse to keep training. A period of rest is essential to full shin splint recovery.

This particular shin splints sleeve features revolutionary fabric that is infused with geranium and carbon, which dramatically increase blood flow to the area the sleeve encompasses. These elements are activated by body heat. Also note that the carbon and geranium cannot be “washed out” of the leg sleeves for basketball, football, soccer, etc.

The benefits of enhanced blood flow are numerous when it comes to getting rid of shin splints. For one, the circulatory benefits of the calf sleeve for basketball speeds the removal of inflammation and, thus, pain and stiffness. The blood flow also improves one’s energy levels. Another benefit of the basketball calf sleeve is that it helps with temperature regulation.

And ultimately, the more blood that is flowing to one’s sore shins, the quicker the process of curing shin splints. 

Besides the obvious benefits of easing calf and shin pain, the energizing and temperature-regulating benefits set this product apart as one of the best calf sleeves for shin splints.

The calf sleeves for basketball come in two different lengths. The small/medium size is nine inches long. The large size is 12 inches long. So these shin splint sleeves work for people with a variety of leg sizes and coverage needs.  And the Lycra spandex material that is one of the components of these basketball calf sleeves helps them to contour to just about any leg.

Caring for the shin splints support is easy. One can wash it using warm or cold water and tumble dry it on low.

The gray shin splint support sleeve goes with just about any uniform or workout gear. Dust, chalk and other grime is also less visible with this product color.

Easing the Symptoms of Shin Splints with Shin Sleeves

There are two muscles at the front of one’s leg that are important for upward and downward movement of the foot. These so-called tibialis muscles attach to the tibia via tiny fibers.

As previously mentioned, overuse, a sudden increase in training, running on hard surfaces or muscular imbalances can damage the area where these muscles attach to the tibia, possibly pulling the edge of the muscles away from the bone. This causes inflammation and pain in the shin.

Note that some of these same causal factors can also lead to a crack in the bone known as s shin stress fracture, which also has many of the same symptoms as shin splints. “Muscling through” leg/shin pain can increase one’s risk of sustaining such an injury.

Therefore, it is important to promptly treat shin splints/stress fractures.

Rest is one of the best cures for shin splints. Taking a break from stressful activity can give inflammation and pain a chance to subside. One can also speed along the process by applying ice packs and wearing a compressive leg sleeve for shin splints.

A basketball compression sleeve also supports one’s sore tissues and eases pain. The circulatory benefits of these particular basketball shin sleeves also help one to heal more quickly.

In some cases, wearing shock-absorbing shoe inserts can reduce stress on the connective tissues of one’s shins and/or correct problematic issues such as flat feet that may be the culprit for leg, shin and ankle pain.

Some also see a physical therapist for correcting underlying imbalances that are to blame for shin splints and calf pain. Such a professional can also offer tips for avoiding additional injury. These shin splints sleeves can be worn for added support during therapy as they are geared toward active use.

In rare cases when the aforementioned steps fail to ease ankle and shin pain, a cortisone injection may be needed. However, this is not a go-to method of treatment as it can weaken one’s soft tissues.

Surgery is usually only needed in instances where shin splints lead to a compartment syndrome complication.

Basketball Leg Sleeves for Anterior and Posterior Shin Splints

Whether you developed shin splints from basketball, soccer, running, wearing worn out shoes or some other activity, these shin sleeves for shin splints can help. Following is a detailed list of its features:

  • Its innovative fabric is infused with circulation-enhancing geranium and carbon
  • Body heat activates the circulatory benefits of the calf sleeve for shin splints
  • Circulatory benefits cannot be washed out of this lower leg sleeve
  • Dramatically increases blood flow to the skin and muscles
  • This leg sleeve for shin splints reduces inflammation and pain
  • Rejuvenates tired, achy muscles and sore feet
  • Shin sleeve for shin splints regulates temperature to increase oxygen and blood flow
  • Works for athletes as a lightweight basketball shin sleeve to compresses the calf
  • Breathable calf support for basketball
  • Sold as a single shin support sleeve, which also doubles as an arm or elbow compression sleeve
  • This lightweight shin sleeve is helpful for athletes to compresses the calf during sports like basketball and soccer
  • Shin splint leg sleeve comes in two lengths, 9 inches and 12 inches
  • This shin splints leg sleeves can be worn around the clock, day and night
  • An affordable shin sleeve for basketball and other sports

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of CalfSleeve Length
M 6" - 14" 9"
L 12" - 20" 12"
Measurement point: Circumference of calf at widest point.

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Compression Shin Splint Pain Brace / Leg Sleeve

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