Compression Basketball Arm Sleeve

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The bevy of benefits than can be chalked up to this product makes it easy to see why many consider it the best arm (or calf) sleeve around. To name just a few, this arm sleeve reduces pain and fatigue, increases energy, enhances performance and promotes thermo-regulation. And the patented technology that makes all of this possible takes effect in minutes.
Detailed Description

Arm Sleeve for Basketball and Other Sports

Whether you are looking for an arm compression sleeve for injury treatment, performance benefits, temperature regulation or all of the above, this Incrediwear sleeve for either the arm or the leg can help. Specifically, it can help address:

  • Arm pump
  • Shin splints
  • Calf cramps
  • Achilles injuries
  • General arm injuries
  • Circulatory problems

The elbow sleeve promotes circulation, which reduces pain and inflammation and speeds along one’s recovery. How does the sleeve for arm pain do all of these things? In brief, thanks to negative ions.

Negative ions refer to negatively charged particles that are released by Incrediwear products. These charged particles stimulate vibration of one’s molecules, which increases the flow and speed of blood, bringing more oxygen to the tissues the sleeve covers. Simply pulling on the arm/calf sleeve is enough to activate it. (Learn more about infrared ray technology.)

The sleeve is made of a mix of carbonized charcoal and geranium, both of which release negative ions when they are worn. The Lycra and rubber material mixed with these special ingredients helps the basketball sleeve for the arm or leg to meld itself to the body. The material is also soft against the skin.

One cannot wash out these materials that provide circulatory benefits.

In addition, thanks to the anti-microbial quality of sleeve for sports, one does not have to wash it as often. When washing is needed, one can simply throw it in the washing machine.

The heightened circulation this athletic calf sleeve promotes also supplies more blood and oxygen to one’s tissues, which helps the body to regulate one’s temperature. This helps keep one cool when it is warm out or when one is in the midst of a game and warm during periods of inactivity or when it is cool outside. The shin splints sleeve can even warm the calf or arm when it is wet.

The anti-microbial property of this sleeve for elbow-pain and more also helps with odor management. The sleeve for elbow pain treatment is also anti-static.

The athletic sleeve for either the shin or the arm is 14-inches long, and one-size fits most, so there is no need to fret about selecting the right size.

Why Do Athletes Wear Arm and Leg Compression Sleeves?

Athletes in just about every sport and at every level can be found wearing compression garments these days. There are many reasons for their popularity.

For one, they are a simple solution for treating a wide number of injuries. One of the go-to steps after one strains a muscle, develops shin splints or overworks one’s tissues is to apply compression to an injury site. This improves blood flow to the area, reducing painful inflammation so that healing can take place. This also eases stiffness in one’s joints and improves one’s range of motion.

This particular sleeve works differently than other compression sleeves for the elbow. Rather than relying on pressure to stimulate blood flow, it uses anion technology, which takes effect immediately and will not stress sore tissues.

The lightweight support of shin splints sleeves is also soothing after an injury. And the flexible garment will not interfere with one’s performance.

In fact, many wear compression arm sleeves to enhance performance. Some feel the increased blood flow gives them a competitive edge. In addition, studies have also shown that wearing compression gear can speed one’s recovery time.

Some athletes also wear arm or shin compression sleeves for an added layer of warmth or protection from scratches and the like.

Features of Arm Compression Sleeve for Basketball and More

This one-of-a-kind sleeve for either arm or leg support for general or athletic use has numerous selling points. Following is an overview of them:

  • Carbonized charcoal and geranium material of the sleeve releases negative ions when they are worn
  • These charged particles stimulate the flow and speed of blood, and thus oxygen
  • This technology enables the sleeve for sports to reduce swelling, pain and fatigue
  • Calf sock is energizing and can enhance performance
  • Compression arm support also improves recovery time
  • Arm sleeve for runners eases joint and muscle pain
  • Elbow support wrap increases range of motion
  • Improved circulation helps remove harmful toxins/waste from the body
  • Indications: arm pump, arm pain, shin splints, calf cramps, Achilles injuries, joint pain, sore muscles, general arm or leg injuries
  • Offers a layer of protection against the elements and other players
  • Molecular vibration the lightweight sleeve for elbow pain causes also helps regulate temperature
  • Arm warmer can keep one warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather
  • Garment for arm/leg compression works almost instantaneously
  • Long arm sleeve can be used on the arms or shins
  • Circulatory benefits of this calf sleeve for running will not wash out
  • Machine-washable sports sleeve
  • Antimicrobial sleeve for shin splints
  • Odor absorbing fibers of the calf support means it can be used multiple times without washing
  • Universal circulation sleeve fits arms/legs of many sizes
  • Easy application—simply pull the tube up the leg or arm and position as needed
  • Anti-static sleeve for calf compression
  • Gray brace for shin splints

Sizing Chart

Universal - One size fits most biceps 10" - 16"

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Compression Basketball Arm Sleeve

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