Comfortable Back Brace for Sleeping & Nighttime Support

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This 9" tall nighttime back support is designed for treating moderate to severe low-back pain, as well as muscle weakness, strain or instability of the lumbar back. For added user comfort, the low-back compression brace also comes with a pocket that can hold a gel pack for hot or cold therapy or a pressure pad (sold separately).


L Code: L-0625
Detailed Description

Back Brace for Sleeping and Daily Use

This 9" tall comfortable back support for sleeping is constructed of premium-quality soft neoprene and elastic that contours to the shape of one’s body, making it a great, customized fit for anyone. This makes this nighttime back support well suited for treating moderate to severe low-back pain, as well as muscle weakness, strain or instability of the lumbar back.

Adding to the benefits this brace for lower-back pain can provide is the pocket it includes that can hold a gel insert for heat or cold therapy (sold separately). This pocket can also hold a pressure pad for additional compression therapy (also sold separately). Heat and cold therapy are great solutions to ease low back pain and reduce inflammation from injury or muscle strains.

The nighttime back brace is closed via a contact closure, which means one will not have to strain or excessively twist to the secure the brace for low-back pain. BraceAbility stocks a number of styles of low-back braces.

Comfortable Back Brace for Lumbar Pain

The lumbar back is responsible for supporting the weight of the upper body, which is no easy task—especially when one throws in added stresses like poor posture, improper lifting, wearing high heels, twisting, and more. Not surprisingly, a number of people suffer each year from strains to the muscles of the lumbar spine, instability and other pain-causing injuries to the low-back.

While the best approach for low-back pain relief is typically a multi-faceted one that includes a limited period of rest, physical therapy to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the lumbar spine, education to promote good posture and form and possibly wearing a brace for low-back support. In some cases, this might include use of a nighttime compression brace, such as this.

Wearing a back brace at night can also prevent one from causing further damage while one is sleeping, and it can address inflammation and encourage healing while one is at rest.

Features of this Nighttime Back Support

This 9" tall comfortable lumbar support is available in many sizes, up to 4XL and fitting hip circumferences 25 inches to 69 inches. Some of the selling points for this nighttime lumbar support include the following:

  • Made of premium-quality elastic making it a comfortable fit 
  • Contact closure to adjust the compression
  • Contours to one’s body
  • 9" Tall
  • Tapered elastic side panel
  • Elastic back panel
  • Back panel has a pocket to hold either a heat or cold therapy gel pack or a pressure pad for added compression (sold separately) 
  • Treats moderate to severe low-back pain
  • Also well suited for lumbar muscle weakness, low-back strain or lumbar instability
  • Available in sizes S to 4XL 

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Comfortable Back Brace for Sleeping & Nighttime Support

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