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About Cybertech Medical

Based in California, Cybertech Medical is a ‘Bio Cybernetics International’ (BCI) company, which was formed in 1991. The company manufactures orthopedic braces, with a patented pulley system for maximum abdominal compression.

All braces have FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval for use as a medical device, and so therefore an appropriate diagnosis from a qualified medical professional should be sought before use.

What Makes Cybertech Back Braces Unique?

Cybertech Medical’s motto is ‘One Second, One Pull... and Off You Go.’ - This motto originates from the innovative mechanical pulley system which is a feature of all their products. The system comprises of a number of low friction pulleys which enable the user to gain six pounds of compression from every one pound put in. The pulling action to tighten the device is smooth and so no potentially harmful twisting motion is necessary in order to gain the level of compression required. This allows for more effective pain relief which can be achieved in a small amount of time and won’t have to be adjusted constantly throughout the day.

The braces are manufactured using specially designed materials which provide strength while still being pliable, so that the spine is immobilized but normal movement is not impeded. There is an additional padded undercoat which offers a breathable layer for maximum comfort. The design of the braces is low profile so that they can be worn discreetly under regular clothing without compromising any of the medical benefits.

Unlike other companies, Cybertech Medical solely develops products for the spinal column, with 20 currently in development, and a further 26 available to buy. This specialization in spinal products means that the company has vast experience resulting in effective products which have been proven to work.

Which Medical Conditions are Treated by Cybertech Back Braces?

Spinal injuries are very common because of the amount of force the spine withstands throughout the day. These injuries often result in painful symptoms which may be reduced by the use of a spinal brace. The most common reasons for these braces are:

  • Herniated/Degenerative Disc – as the discs of the spinal cord age the inner disc can rupture through the outer one causing painful herniation.
  • Low Back Pain/Strain – often called ‘Lumbar Pain/Strain’, this most commonly occurs when the muscles around the lower spine are stretched in an abnormal manner.
  • Post-Operative Use – after spinal surgery it is important that the spine is immobilized in order to reduce the risk of any further damage.
  • Sacroiliac Pain – the Sacroiliac joint is found in the lower back below the ‘Lumbar Region’, when standing upright the joint supports the entire weight of the upper body so is likely to become damaged over time or with unusual exertion.
  • Spondylolisthesis – a condition in which one of the vertebrae of the spine slips out of the proper position onto the bone below.

Cybertech Medical spinal braces help to reduce the symptoms associated with these conditions by compressing the lower back which immobilizes the spine. With the spinal movement limited, normal day-to-day activities can be undertaken without pain, this can include sporting activities with specific braces designed for additional movement.