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Bauerfeind Braces & Supports

When you experience joint pain, it makes it difficult if not impossible to keep active. Whether you experience pain in your knees, elbows, hips, back, or ankles, it can wreak havoc on your quality of life and keep you from doing activities you once enjoyed. Your quality of life may be suffering, and you may also be experiencing residual effects of being inactive. Other joints and muscles may be suffering due to lack of use, and your overall mental health and well-being may be compromised because of your lack of engagement in physical activities. If you are unable to engage in activities you once enjoyed, consider Bauerfiend supports to get up and moving again.

Bauerfiend supports are innovators in joint support and orthoses. They are used as a means of supporting an injury or painful joint so that you can ease back into the activities you were once able to enjoy. Bauerfiend USA was created in 1985 in Kennesaw, GA. It is a subsidiary of Bauerfiend AG, a German company founded in 1929. After almost a century in business, the Bauerfiend name continues to develop and produce high-quality supports to professional athletes and anybody else who is looking for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Bauerfiend supports creates braces and supports with knitted, breathable fabric and visco-elastic inserts. This technology allows wearers the ultimate breathability and support to improve and enhance performance. As the person moves, the visco-elastic inserts massage the area, increasing circulation and promoting healing. The move the person moves in the support, the greater the healing benefits of the Bauerfiend supports.  There are a variety of supports available by Bauerfiend--shoulder, hand and wrist, elbow, back, knees, hips, thighs, ankle, and foot supports.

Bauerfeind Shoulder Supports

Shoulder supports are created specifically for people who are recovering from surgery or a shoulder injury. Golfers can perhaps benefit the most from Bauerfiend shoulder supports. Every time a golfer with a shoulder injury swings a club while wearing a Bauerfiend OmoTrain Active Support, they will notice increased stability and enjoy the benefits of active massage as they swing.

Bauerfeind Hand And Wrist Supports

Hand and wrist supports include those for treatment of carpal tunnel or thumb injuries. Bauerfiend ManuTrain and Bauerfiend ManuLoc are both active supports for the wrist. They relieve pain and provide stabilization during movement to the wearer. Active support with both of these supports is provided while promoting circulation and decreasing pain, tenderness, and inflammation. Bauerfiend RhizoLoc provides support and stabilization for the thumb such as tears or strains, or to promote movement for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Bauerfeind Elbow Supports

If you have ever suffered from tendonitis in your elbow, you know how difficult even the most menial tasks can be. This is why Baerfiend has created two different elbow supports for people who suffer from tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. The EpiTrain and EpiPoint are both designed to stabilize the tendons in the arm to promote healing while allowing the wearer to remain active.

Bauerfeind Back Supports

Back pain is one of the leading reasons for emergency room and doctor's office visits. Back pain affects up to 80% of Americans at some point in their lives. Whether it is from a strained muscle or a prolapsed disc, back pain can be completely debilitating. Bauerfiend has responded to the demand for a high-quality and effective support as a means of support and healing when it comes to back pain. With seven different styles and methods of support from the LumboTrain Lady to the LumboPlus, users can find the proper back support for their particular back pain. These braces offer a variety of means of support from supporting muscle weakness to stabilizing the spine.

Bauerfeind Knee Braces, Hip Supports and Thigh Supports

The amount of impact you place on your knees, hips, and thighs is surprising. You may not even realize how much impact these joints and muscles take until you injure one of them. All of these areas will affect the way you walk, so supporting an injury in your knees, hips, and thighs is an absolute must. Knee supports can range from GenuTrain, which gives support to a swollen or weak knee to the SecuTec, which provides support to a torn or strained ligament or tendon in the knee. The SofTec Coxa provides hip stabilization following dislocation or hip replacement. This support is superior in patient recovery following a hip injury. The MyoTrain is an athlete's best friend. It provides stabilization, support, and relief to hamstring or quadricep injuries. Swelling and soreness can be managed, and the healing process can be greatly sped up by wearing the MyoTrain support.

Bauerfeind Foot and Ankle

Foot pain and ankle sprains are almost impossible to work through with just a bandage and tape. Achilles injuries, foot injuries, and ankle sprains and strains will usually keep a person off his feet for several weeks while it heals. With Bauerfiend foot and ankle supports, however, even a strained achilles tendon or a sprained ankle won't keep a person down for long. The AchilloTrain provides active support to the achilles tendon without irritating or compromising movement. The MalleoTrain will help patients who are recovering from ankle surgery or sprained ankles to get up and moving again and to promote healing. And the ValguLoc provides support and alignment to people who suffer from big toe misalignment after surgery or prevents misalignment from getting worse.

No matter what type of joint pain you suffer from, Bauerfiend is likely to make an active support for you. Their active support systems are specifically designed to promote circulation, provide maximum breathability, add stability, and reduce pain and inflammation to the wearer. A person no longer needs to be completely sidelined by an injury with the use of Bauerfiend supports.