Women's Shoulder Immobilizer Support Brace

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Women's Universal Shoulder Immobilizer - Fits chest circumferences of 30" - 44"

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We also offer the same shoulder immobilizer in a smaller Child Size here.

L Code: L3670
Detailed Description

Comfortable Shoulder Immobilizer Brace

This universal shoulder immobilizer is a popular choice for its user-centric design and comfortable fit. The shoulder sling consists of a forearm cuff, a humeral cuff and an adjustable shoulder strap. The cuffs ensure the brace indeed immobilizes the shoulder without unnecessarily straining the arm or hand or encasing the arm in what might be an uncomfortable or hot sling.

The buckle on the shoulder strap of this shoulder surgery sling can be adjusted so that it is in a non-irritating position. And the foam laminate of the support is latex-free and soft.

Also in the interest of achieving a correct and comfortable fit, this dislocated shoulder sling is available as both a female contoured and a male-contoured product, since (surprise, surprise) there are a number of anatomical differences between the sexes. A child’s version is also available.

The varied chest circumferences offered for this brace also helps ensure the best fit possible.

Shoulder Surgery Sling & Dislocated Shoulder Sling

A sling to immobilize the shoulder, support the arm and prevent certain motions are needed to treat a number of different conditions. For one, a fall or blow can cause either a dislocated shoulder or a separated shoulder. A dislocated shoulder is when the top of one’s arm bone is forced out of the shoulder socket. A separated shoulder refers to a tear of one of the ligaments that anchor the collarbone to the shoulder blade.

A doctor will need to reposition the shoulder bone in instances of a dislocation. Thereafter, treating these painful and deformity-causing conditions usually involves icing the shoulder, using a shoulder immobilizer to prevent further injury, taking pain killers and doing physical therapy to maintain the shoulder’s range of motion and strength.

This brace for immobilizing the shoulder can also be helpful for an injury to the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff refers to the muscles and tendons that connect the bone of the upper arm to the shoulder blade; it also holds arm bone in the shoulder socket. Falling, lifting or repeating certain arm motions over and over again (think of a baseball pitcher) can irritate and damage the rotator cuff.

Treatment of rotary cuff injuries may simply involve resting the shoulder, possibly with the help of an immobilizing shoulder sling, and applying an ice or heat wrap to the painful area. Pain killers and range-of-motion exercises can also help.

If major damage occurs to the rotator cuff, surgery or even shoulder replacement may be necessary. This BraceAbility orthotic also works well as a post-surgery shoulder sling.  

An arm fracture is another instance where casting or wearing a brace to immobilize the shoulder might be needed. View our entire selection of shoulder immobilizer slings.

Features of the Dislocated Shoulder Sling

One major appeal of this sling for shoulder injuries is the many styles and sizes in which it is available. It comes in the following styles:

This immobilizing sling is also adjustable and fits chest circumference sizes from 30”-44.” For smaller chest circumferences, try the child size, which fits 20”-30.”

The brace itself is made of foam laminate that is free of latex. The shoulder sling for immobilization is secured via a simple hook-and-look closure and the buckle of the shoulder strap can be easily adjusted. 

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Women's Shoulder Immobilizer Support Brace

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