Short Metatarsal Stress Fracture Air Boot Foot Cast

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This air boot for stress fractures and other foot injuries stabilizes and provides light compression to the ankle and foot, which eases inflammation and pain and encourages healing. Whether one is looking for an immobilizing fourth or fifth metatarsal fracture boot or an air boot for use after bunion surgery, this lightweight boot protects against damaging motions of the foot or ankle while still allowing quite a bit of mobility.

Detailed Description

Air Boot for Stress Fracture Care

This air fracture boot is ideal for treating a number of ankle and foot injuries of the less serious variety, including, but not limited to:

  • Stress fractures of the foot
  • Lisfranc injuries
  • Stress fractures of the lower ankle
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • After a bunionectomy

The air chambers of this boot for broken metatarsal bones and other foot injuries can easily be adjusted, as can the three Velcro straps that secure the support. The additional strap at the ankle of this airboot for stress fracture of the foot ensures a more secure fit. These features make this air splint for stress fracture care highly customizable both in terms of fit and compression.

The lightweight design of this support is one of the features that make it one of the best boots for healing a metatarsal fracture. That plus its 11-inch height makes it surprisingly comfortable to wear.

In addition to the low-profile design, this boot for 4th metatarsal fracture also has an arching rocker bottom. This encourages a smooth gait that does not waste energy.  

The wide footbed also makes this a versatile and comfortable boot for 5th metatarsal stress fracture treatment. This allows for any swelling or bandaging that often accompanies such injuries. The same can be said for the open-toe design of this fractured metatarsal boot.

The metal reinforced uprights add to the case of why this is a best boot for metatarsal fracture. This ensures that one’s foot is protected as it heals.

The targeted compression the air cells apply boosts blood flow to the injury site, speeding the removal of inflammation and encouraging more rapid healing. As a result, one might also describe such orthotic as healing boots for foot metatarsal fractures. This also helps the cam boot for stress fracture care to stabilize the foot and ankle.

4th and 5th Metatarsal Fracture Boot

Metatarsals are the long bones in the feet located between the bones of the ankle s and the toes. They are identified by number, with the first being the one associated with the big toe and the fifth being the pinky toe.

These bones are important for bearing much of the body’s weight when standing, walking, etc. Therefore, an injury or break to them can be quite disruptive.

The most common causes of a metatarsal fracture are the dropping of a heavy object onto them or a twist of the foot during a fall. Repetitive movements or impact to these bones can also lead to stress fractures, with the second through fourth metatarsals being particularly prone to such injuries. The most commonly injured metatarsals are the second and fifth bones.

Metatarsal fractures usually cause pain at the mid/front of the foot that worsens when one is walking or standing. One might have trouble walking and will likely experience swelling, redness and bruising in the vicinity of the break.

Treatment for such injuries typically involves a period of immobilization where one wears a cast, a stiff-soled shoe or a boot for stress fracture in the foot, depending upon the severity of the injury and one’s mobility needs. One may also need to use crutches to keep weight off the foot for a period of time.

BraceAbility’s best medical boot for metatarsal fracture protects the foot from further injury, which is another important component of treatment, especially in the immediate aftermath of one’s injury.

Other steps besides wearing boots for broken metatarsal bones include following the steps of RICE—rest, ice, compress and elevate the foot. This can help reduce inflammation and pain so that healing can get underway. This best boot for metatarsal stress fracture injuries can help with both the rest and compression component of care.

The air cells of this broken foot metatarsal fracture boot apply compression to reduce inflammation and encourage healing. One can easily adjust the amount of compression they apply. After all, too much compression to a swollen foot can be counterproductive.

The wide footbed and open-toe design of BraceAbility’s boots for metatarsal fractures also allow for swelling and bandaging, making for a more comfortable fit. 

In instances where one’s metatarsal injury involves displaced bone, multiple breaks or the injury has not healed properly, one may need to undergo surgery. Afterward, the support and protection of an immobilization boot for foot metatarsal fracture will likely be required.

This surgical boot for broken metatarsal can also help support and protect the foot following surgery to remove a bunion. Wearing such a boot can help with the swelling and protect any pins or hardware used during the procedure. In addition, a period of limited or non-weight bearing will likely be required after such a procedure to allow the foot to heal. The wide footbed and open-toe design of this broken metatarsal boot cast means one will not deal with any uncomfortable/damaging pressure or rubbing during that time.

The metatarsal fracture boot shoe’s ability to reduce pressure on the foot also enables it to be used in treatment of a diabetic ulcer.

Key Features of BraceAbility’s Air Fracture Boot

Features geared toward user function and enhanced comfort help this support to stand out from other boots/shoes for metatarsal stress fracture care. Following is a detailed list of the main selling points of this cast/boot for metatarsal fracture for ankle and foot support.

  • Boot for stress fractured metatarsal treatment has air cells that are easy to adjust
  • Air chambers of the metatarsal fracture boot cast stabilize the foot and ankle
  • Compression boot for stress fracture foot injuries eases inflammation, reduces pain and promotes healing
  • Short boot for metatarsal fractures is 11 inches tall
  • The soft boot for stress fractures has metal reinforced uprights for protection and support
  • Metatarsal fracture treatment boot is lightweight and low-profile
  • Short walking boot for stress fractures has an arching rocker design for a smooth gait
  • Short pneumatic stress fracture cam boot is secured via three Velcro straps
  • Velcro straps make for a highly adjustable fit
  • The metatarsal stress fracture boot also comes with an extra strap at the ankle for added support
  • Wide footbed of this surgical boot for metatarsal fracture allows for inflammation and bandaging
  • Open-toe design of this stress fracture metatarsal walking boot improves its breathability
  • This is a walking boot for metatarsal stress fractures, metatarsal breaks, some ankle fractures and stress fractures, lisfranc injuries, diabetic ulcers or after bunion surgery
  • Black stress fracture metatarsal boot
  • The stress fracture air boot comes in four different sizes fitting a wide range of shoe sizes

Sizing Chart

Kid's US Shoe Size 1.5 - 4 4.5 - 6.5 - -
Men's US Shoe Size - 4.5 - 7 7.5 - 10 10.5+
Women's US Shoe Size 4 - 6 6 - 8 8.5 - 11 11.5+
Measured by U.S. Shoe Sizes. Padded inserts are included which allow you to fill in extra room inside the boot.

Additional Information

L Code: L4360

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Short Metatarsal Stress Fracture Air Boot Foot Cast

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