Lace-up Sports Ankle Brace for Basketball & Soccer

This figure-8 ankle support is geared toward protecting and supporting the ankle in a comfortable and effective fashion. The figure-8 design of this lace-up ankle support brace eliminates the need for taping. Plus it has flex mesh in certain areas that ensures the figure-8 ankle brace has give where needed. 

Detailed Description

Lightweight Ankle Brace for Basketball, Soccer & More

This ankle brace gives you the lightweight, sleek stabilization of a figure-8 tape job in one simple product that does not take much skill or time to apply. This is one of numerous reasons many consider this a top contender for the title best ankle brace for basketball. The basketball ankle brace is composed of ballistic nylon that is quite durable along with ventilated spacer fabric at the tongue of the brace. 

The figure-eight straps of this athletic ankle brace are composed of two-inch thick nylon that will not stretch, providing consistent support up and down the court. The ankle support for basketball also has two three-inch wide compression straps that encircle the ankle. These stretchy, elastic bands apply compression that helps reduce inflammation, while helping to keep the brace in place and the laces out of the way. This also adds an additional layer of flexible support, adding to its appeal as the best basketball ankle brace. See more lace-up ankle braces.

The basketball ankle wrap is anatomically contoured, plus its laces and straps can be adjusted to fit your foot like a glove. In addition, the ankle supports for basketball come in many sizes ranging from 2XS to 3XL that fit a wide variety of ankle circumferences, from child-size to adults with large ankles.

This best ankle support for basketball can help with many of the more common basketball ankle injuries, including:

Due to the high-risk nature of the sport, many players opt to wear basketball ankle supports for basketball injury prevention. BraceAbility offers a number of lightweight ankle sleeves for basketball, including the popular IncrediBrace basketball ankle sleeve.

Those seeking cheap ankle braces for basketball will be pleasantly surprised by the relatively low price tag attached to this brace, plus, it easily fits inside your shoes. And it can be laced up and adjusted without taking off one’s shoes. 

The ankle sports brace is coated on the inside with a non-slip coating that means the support will not be a hindrance or an annoyance when quick movements are needed. There is also an elastic strap that wraps around the ankle that serves a dual role of supporting the ankle and securing loose laces. 

In terms of function, the ankle brace sports product comes in a figure-eight design that protects against both inversion (rolling of the ankle where the sole of the foot moves inward) and eversion (rolling of the ankle where the sole moves outward), which can damage the ligaments, muscles and other soft tissues of the ankle. These outward or inward motions of the ankle are what cause the all-too-common ankle sprain.

Some wear an athletic ankle brace such as this to prevent an injury from occurring in the first place. Some high-risk sports for ankle sprains include basketball, football and soccer, because they involve frequent running, cutting and jumping. Indeed, these three sports account for more than half of all athletic sprains, according to some epidemiology studies. See more sports braces and orthotics.

Sports Ankle Brace for Injury Treatment and Prevention 

Basketball injuries typically fall into one of two categories: 1.) an overuse injury that over time can lead to conditions like Achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis and more or 2.) a traumatic injury, often an ankle sprain where inward or outward rolling of the ankle stretches the supporting ligaments too far, possibly tearing them and leading to pain, swelling and instability.

A history of spraining the ankle can leave one with chronic ligament laxity (looseness) and instability, which leaves one at an even higher risk of injury. The risk of the latter sends many in search for good ankle braces for basketball.

While there is some debate regarding the question, should basketball players wear ankle braces as a preventive care measure, there is little question as whether one should protect and support the ankle after an injury has occurred.  

Treatment of an ankle sprain depends upon the severity of the injury, but typically this involves following the steps of RICE—rest, ice, compress and elevate the ankle. Protecting the ligaments of the ankle against further injury is another important component as one gets back to activity. That’s where finding the best basketball ankle braces comes into play.

What is the best ankle brace for basketball will depend on the person, but generally speaking basketball ankle protection will consist of a brace that prevents outward or inward rolling of the ankle without any unnecessary ankle restriction.

Another hallmark of a best basketball ankle braces is that it is lightweight and easily fits within one’s shoes. The nylon figure eight straps of this particular brace lock in the foot so that the ankle does not roll in ways it shouldn’t. Plus it eliminates the need to know how to wrap an ankle for basketball.

Another important component of top ankle brace for basketball is its ability to be adjusted to one’s foot; ill-fitting ankle wraps for basketball can disrupt one’s performance and leave one more vulnerable to injury. The compression strap along with the lace-up design and multiple sizing options make this a best basketball ankle support.

This ankle brace for sports is well suited for a variety of injuries, including mild to moderate ankle sprains and instability. Once one has gotten the swelling under control via rest, ice, compression and elevation (learn more about the RICE method) and one has been cleared for activity, an individual can wear this flexible ankle brace within one’s shoes for added support. The figure-eight design of the support prevents the ankle from rolling outward or inward, which can further damage one’s ligaments.

This supportive design also makes it useful from a preventive care standpoint. Wearing an ankle brace for sports can help because it limits the motion of the ankle and supports the joint.

The ability to lace up and adjust the fit of the figure-eight ankle brace without removing the shoe is very convenient during a fast-paced sporting event. And the brace’s lightweight fit means it will not disrupt one’s performance.

This brace can also help relieve some of the swelling, pain and/or stiffness associated with osteoarthritis in the joints of the ankle. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, but there are ways to manage its symptoms, including taking medications, engaging in physical or occupational therapy, wearing a brace or shoe insert, receiving cortisone or lubrication injections or undergoing some surgical procedures to realign the bones or replace the joint. If you are considering surgery, be sure to check out BraceAbility’s post-operative products

Details of this Athletic Lace-up Ankle Brace 

Ankle braces for basketball players are a hot item due to the high-risk nature of the sport. But sorting through the options to find the best ankle braces for basketball can be a daunting task. This particular ankle brace stabilizer fits many of the criteria basketball players are looking for when it comes to an inexpensive but effective ankle brace. Following is a list of its features:

  • Figure-8 strapping system of this basketball brace for ankle injuries mimics a figure-8 taping job
  • The figure-8 ankle brace is a quicker, easier and in some cases less expensive alternative to taping the ankle
  • 2-inch thick nylon straps wrap around the foot and ankle, stabilizing the ankle
  • Straps of this ankle splint are durable and will not stretch
  • Compression straps of basketball ankle orthotic eases inflammation, keeps laces out of the way, reduces inflammation and adds a layer of support
  • 3-inch wide compression strap is composed of comfortable, stretchy elastic
  • Lace-up ankle braces for basketball allow a customized fit
  • Durable, impact resistant nylon basketball ankle brace
  • Brace for ankle injuries from basketball features ventilated spacer fabric at the tongue and sides of the support and an Achilles tendon panel for a more comfortable fit.
  • The lightweight basketball ankle wrap fits easily within most shoes
  • Black in color
  • Thumb loop for easier application
  • Treats: moderate ankle sprains, ankle strains, ankle instability, ankle weakness
  • Can be used as a prophylactic ankle brace for basketball to prevent injury
  • You can hand wash this ankle stabilizing brace with warm water and mild soap
  • This athletic ankle brace comes in a variety of sizes, from 2XS child size to a XXXL plus size for larger feet. Sizing is based on the circumference of the foot from the base of the heel around the ankle
  • Easily fits within shoes
  • Can be adjusted without removing shoe
  • Lace-up design
  • Elastic strap to secure laces
  • Lightweight, slim fit
  • Protects against inversion & eversion
  • Inner non-slip coating

Sizing Chart

2XS9 - 10"
XS10 - 11"
S11 - 12"
M12 - 13"
L13 - 14"
XL14 - 15"
2XL15 - 16"
3XL16 - 17"
Measure the circumference from the base of your heel over and around the top of your foot, in inches

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Great Product, great support


This is my second time ordering this brace. I wear it daily and it holds up great and is very comfortable. The lining is soft and flexible, but still gives great support. Would recommend to others.

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Lace-up Sports Ankle Brace for Basketball & Soccer

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