BraceAbility Adult Elbow Stabilizer

This elbow splint stabilizer prevents the elbow from bending while still allowing some arm movement. The foam that this brace is made out of is very comfortable to wear.
Detailed Description

Adult Elbow Splint & Stabilizer

This elbow splint helps to prevent the elbow from flexion (bending), but still allowing some arm movement. It can be used whenever the elbow needs to be restrained. The elbow immobilizer brace includes 5 aluminum splints that are covered by soft plush foam to immobilize the elbow. The cushioning foam is very comfortable and allows your skin to breathe. Another great feature of this splint is that it is latex-free.

This adult elbow immobilizer braces is available in sizes small, medium and large, fitting elbow circumferences up to 15 inches. It is stretchable for an improved fit and can be used on either the left or right arm. The Velcro closures are easy to adjust to a desired compression.

The length of this arm immobilizer is an ideal length so it covers a good portion of your arm. Size small has a length of 6 inches, medium with 7 inches, and size large with a length of 10 inches.

Elbow Splint for Immobilization

View our pediatric elbow stabilizer for infant, toddler, and child sizes of this same elbow splint. It is ideal when the child’s movements must be limited such as when they have a cleft palate repair or for IV therapy.

This brace can be used as an ulnar nerve elbow splint. You may be experiencing pain when the ulnar nerve becomes compressed or irritated. It is one of the main nerves in you arm so keeping it immobilized will help to minimize the pain.

If you are experiencing pain because of an elbow fracture you may want to use this splint after a surgery or when the bones are at low risk of moving out of place and you just want to keep it still.

This brace could also be used for an elbow night splint. It will prevent painful movements while you are sleeping or resting and keep your arm in a comfortable position. Sleeping with your elbow bent can increase the pain you are experiencing. Using this brace will help you from bending your elbow too much. 

Key Features of the Adult Elbow Stabilizer

This elbow arm splint is a comfortable option for adults that are experiencing pain in their elbow. Some of the key features of the elbow brace include:

  • Prevents the elbow from bending while still allowing for some movement
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for desired compression
  • Made of soft, comfortable foam material
  • Ideal for after cleft palate surgery, IV Therapy, night splint, elbow fracture, ulnar nerve, or whenever the elbow needs to be restrained
  • Latex-free
  • Available in different sizes ranging from S to L
  • Can be used for the left or right arm

Washing Instructions: Make sure all the straps are firmly attached before washing it. It can be machine washed on cold with a mild detergent. Air dry only. 

Sizing Chart

SizeElbow CircumferenceHeight of Elbow Splint
S Up to 9" 6"
M 9" - 11.5" 7"
L 12" - 15.5" 10"
Measurement point: Circumference at middle of elbow joint.

Customer Reviews




Quality was given a 4-5 star. See Review


I am wearing this daytime brace for my cubital tunnel syndrome, which was agonizing before it began to heal from the firey nerve pain down the arm into 2 baby fingers--classic for this type injury.

It came right on time for a fast delivery fee added (hey, it's been a Long 6 months of this injury!) and it's excellent for the price, considering I hope I never need it again.

I got the medium size, as I am an average size woman with average everything for arms, legs.... and I did this because I was on the border of Small/Medium, and liked the idea of extra length in arm. I did not want it slipping around on my elbow, which of course, is only slightly able to bend, but only enough to avoid total bend (BAD for elbow).
Word of advice: the inside is very synthetic material, and very hot after on for a short time. I took a washcloth sized piece of thin,100% cotton from my artist's stash, trimmed it to length of brace and double thickness, by folding in half, for the inside of brace, and it's far more comfortable. If this keeps the overall priced down, it's worth it.

The velcro type tabs are easily adjustable. It is not sliding around, esp with cotton "stuffing" inside.

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BraceAbility Adult Elbow Stabilizer

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