BraceAbility Slip-on Elastic Foot Wrap & Ankle Sleeve

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This simple elastic foot wrap is perfect for supporting and applying compression to the foot and/or ankle in a hassle-free manner. The spiral foot support bandage smoothly and comfortably wraps around the foot and ankle, providing dual tension in a single piece of material. And one cannot beat the price of this elastic foot bandage. 

Detailed Description

Elastic Foot & Ankle Wrap

This ankle bandage is a unique support that provides a simple and efficient way of treating sprains or peroneal tendon injuries, as well as any swelling that might accompany these or other injuries to the foot or ankle.   

The spiral fabric construction of this elastic wrap for the foot is easy to slip on and to adjust its placement to suit one’s needs. And the elastic, latex-free material of the thin ankle support conforms to the foot. The ankle and foot bandage comes in a variety of sizes, which allows for an even better fit.

The ankle support bandage is a single strip of material that wraps around the ankle and arch of the foot, leaving the heel, sole and toes unrestricted.  As you can see from the image above, this foot wrap is extremely low-profile and it easily fits inside one’s shoes. The elasticity of the elastic foot and ankle wrap means it is flexible and comfortable to wear, too.  

Foot Support for Sprains, Swelling and Tendon Injuries

One can roll the foot or ankle when doing a number of daily or athletic activities, stretching or tearing the ligaments or tendons of the ankle. Following such injuries, an elastic ankle wrap or some other ankle brace can help one make a speedy recovery.

Resting the foot/ankle is an important element of treatment, as is reducing swelling and inflammation that typically accompany injuries to the tendons or ligaments of the ankle. This typically involves resting the ankle (sometimes with the help of a walking boot), icing it, applying compression, elevating it and taking anti-inflammatory medications. Learn more about the RICE treatment process.

This simple ankle support wrap can help one to follow these steps. The dual tension elastic material provides compression to the foot and ankle, reducing swelling. 

The lightweight support this foot bandage provides can also help protect the foot and ankle from further damage

Elastic Foot Bandage Features

One of the standout features of this food bandage made of elastic is its simplicity—it is simple to slip on, simple to adjust and it comes with a “simple” price tag. (For comparison’s sake, check out the Bort Elastic Slip on Ankle Strap Support.)And as with many things in life, keeping it simple can be quite effective. Following are some of the features that make this elastic foot support a good choice for many:

  • Spiral fabric construction
  • Smooth, wrinkle-free fit
  • Conforms to the shape of the foot
  • Elastic material ensures a comfortable fit
  • Low-profile
  • Latex-free
  • Simple, slip-on application
  • Single piece of elastic applies two degrees of tension
  • Available in sizes small to 2x-large

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Ankle
S7" - 8"
M8.25" - 9"
L9.25" - 10"
XL10.25" - 11"
2XL11.25" - 12"
Measure circumference around your ankle at the widest point.

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BraceAbility Slip-on Elastic Foot Wrap & Ankle Sleeve

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