Bort Umbilical & Abdominal Hernia Support Truss Belt

The Bort Umbilical Hernia Support is a popular umbilical hernia belt that helps diminish umbilical hernia pain. Hernia symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable, and this hernia belt for men and women is a great form of umbilical hernia treatment. You can also purchase replacement pads for this hernia support.
Detailed Description

The Bort Umbilical Hernia Support for Hernia Pain

Umbilical hernias in adults generally occur when there is a health problem of some kind that puts pressure on the belly area. This can be anything from being overweight, pregnant, or a problem with the prostate. These hernia health problems can cause an intestine to push through and create a bulge near the belly button. The Bort Umbilical Hernia is a user friendly and extremely comfortable brace that helps prevent and recover from these symptoms.

Umblical Hernia Belt with Silicone Pads

  • Incorporates an important silicone pad design that is reinforced by more rigid plastic that allows patients to adjust the comfort positioning.
  • Made with an elastic and fabric mixture for comfort to the umbilical hernia area and surrounding skin.
  • Two supporting splints in dorsal area
  • 5.1 inches (13 cm) in height

A Hernia Truss Belt for Hernia Pain

Over time an umbilical hernia treatment can enlarge and even become painful. Although an infant umbilical hernia is more common, it isn’t unheard for adults to see hernia symptoms. If the hernia does become painful, umbilical hernia surgery may need to be performed. The Bort Umbilical Hernia Support was designed for reducible umbilical hernias, that being those that can be reduced without surgery.

Foods Ideal for Abdominal Strain Affecting the Umbilical Hernia

It should be know that a change in diet will not ultimately cure your hernia, but alongside the Bort Umbilical Hernia Support they can help decrease the strain felt in the abdominal area.

  • Limit acidic based foods and red meat.
  • Whole grains will help limit the strain that is felt from the umbilical hernia.

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Waist
Size 123" - 37.5"
Size 237.5" - 49"
Size 349" - 60"
Measurement point: Circumference around your Waist (see image above)

Additional Information

L Code: L830

Customer Reviews




Perfect belt for incisional hernia


This is my all-time favourite abdominal support for my large incisional hernia (and I have tried many different ones!) The round rigid silicone pad is exactly what I need to support my hernia and this is the only belt I've found that comes with that extra and much needed support. The photo shows the pad in the middle, but it is moveable so I place it on the side over my hernia - it stays in place with velcro. The fabric is breathable, and the unit is light and very comfortable to wear. Perfect for summer. Easy to handwash. Highly recommend!

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Bort Umbilical & Abdominal Hernia Support Truss Belt

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