Bort De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Brace for Thumb Tendon Pain

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FINAL SALE - No Returns, No Exchanges.

Only certain sizes are left in stock. If size option is marked "discontinued" you will not be able to add it to your cart, as it is no longer available.

Bort de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis Brace

De Quervain’s syndrome, also known as radial styloid tenosynovitis, is a condition associated with repetitive motions of the hand or wrist that causes pain in the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist and the base of the thumb that can interfere with one’s ability to turn the wrist or grasp anything. If de Quervain’s tendonitis is left untreated, discomfort can spread and limit one’s range of motion.

Wearing a de Quervain’s tenosynovitis brace like this that immobilizes the metacarpophalangeal (the knuckle near the base of the thumb) and saddle joints of the hand can give the irritated tendons a chance to rest and inflammation time to subside, which is needed for healing of tenosynovitis thumb. For additional support one can extend the thumb tube with a Velcro fastening at the distal interphalangeal joint of the thumb (the knuckle closest to the fingernail).

The fit of this de Quervain’s splint is highly adjustable. The thermoplastic brace for tendonitis in the thumb can be molded on a localized basis using a hair dryer; the thumb piece can also be molded by immersing it in hot water (140° Fahrenheit) for a short period of time. One can also trim the de Quervain’s tendonitis splint as needed using scissors.

The padded straps around the thumb and at the wrist have Velcro closures, also enabling a high degree of customization when it comes to the fit of this de Quervain’s brace for tendonitis in the thumb. 

There are perforated holes throughout this tendonitis hand brace for breathability and moisture wicking. When wearing a thumb tenosynovitis splint, one is likely to get it dirty from time to time. For that reason, the thumb tendonitis splint can be washed.

Also for user comfort, the brace for de Quervain’s syndrome treatment is fully lined with textile flocking. This material is soft against the skin and has a good sliding effect for easy application.

Besides helping with tenosynovitis de Quervain, this wrist and hand splint can help when immobilization is needed after other degenerative conditions like rhizarthrosis (arthritis of the thumb) or trigger finger/trigger thumb or following trauma or surgery, such as tendon reconstruction.

Treating de Quervain's Disease

De Quervain’s tendonitis is the most common tendinopathy entrapment condition after trigger finger, or stenosing tenosynovitis. As previously mentioned, dequeravain’s tensynovitis is thought to be associated with overuse or repetitive grasping motions, though trauma and some inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes can also lead to tendonitis thumb pain.  Expecting or new mothers might also develop this condition. (We offer a number of orthotics for maternity.)

Thumb pain from tendonitis can be chalked up to friction between inflamed tendons and the narrow sheath through which they pass. This leads to pain and tenderness at the base of the thumb that may radiate down your wrist into the forearm. This is typically worsened by activities such as turning your wrist, making a fist or grasping something.

Other possible de Quervain’s tendonitis thumb symptoms include swelling at the base of one’s thumb, trouble moving the thumb and wrist when trying to grab or pinch something or a “sticking” sensation when trying to move the thumb. Over time, this can limit one’s range of motion.

De Quervain’s treatment often involves the use of a de Quervain’s splint. Holding the thumb and wrist straight gives the tendons a chance to rest and inflammation a chance to subside. Wearing a thumb spica splint also helps prevent such movements and reminds one to avoid repetitive or irritating motions.

The highly customizable fit of Bort’s de Quervains brace means there is no need to waste time constructing a splint with bandages or seeing a specialist for splint adjustments. 

The tendonitis hand splint also leaves one’s fingers and the bulk of one’s hand free, which helps prevent one from losing muscle and flexibility of this region, in addition to simply being convenient.

Applying ice to the painful area is another component of de Quervain’s treatment, as is taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These steps can reduce inflammation and pain.

In cases where these conservative methods are an ineffective treatment for thumb tendonitis, a doctor might recommend injections of a corticosteroid medication into the tendon’s sheath to calm swelling. Some also find massage to be a helpful de Quervains treatment.

Once inflammation has subsided, the next step of treatment for tenosynovitis might involve seeing a physical or occupational therapist to learn about exercises and stretches strengthen the muscles of your wrist hand and arm and improve tendon gliding. Such specialists can also teach one how to limit tendon irritation.

In more serious cases, surgery to ease pressure on the tendon so that it can again move smoothly may be needed for tendonitis of the thumb treatment. After this outpatient procedure, one will likely need to wear a de Quervains tendonitis support for like this and undergo physical or occupational therapy.

These modes of treatment are much the same as what is needed for the similar stenosing tenosynovitis treatment, better known as trigger finger, where the finger of thumb gets stuck in the bent position.

Details on Bort’s Splint for De Quervain Syndrome

The highly customizable fit of this de Quervain’s thumb splint along with its features geared toward a comfortable fit help this orthotic to stand out from other thumb supports for tendonitis. Following is a breakdown of its features:

  • Brace for flexor tenosynovitis treatment immobilizes the metacarpophalangeal joint and saddle joint of the thumb
  • Has an extended thumb tube for immobilization of the distal interphalangeal joint, as needed for stenosing tenosynovitis thumb
  • Thermoplastic brace for tendonitis of thumb treatment can be molded using a hair dryer  or hot water (140°F)
  • De Quervain’s tendonitis thumb splint can be trimmed for further adjustment
  • Adjustable Velcro closure at the wrist for easy application and a customized fit
  • Padded straps can be easily adjusted
  • Splint for tenosynovitis de Quervain treatment is fully lined with textile flocking
  • Brace for radial styloid tenosynovitis treatment can be washed
  • Comfortable, breathable hand/wrist splint has extensive perforation
  • Low profile splint for the thumb comes in a discreet nude color
  • Indications: De Quervain’s disease (radial styloid tenosynovitis), rhizarthrosis, trigger thumb (Stenosing tenosynovitis) and in other cases when degenerative changes or trauma warrant immobilization of the thumb joint(s)
  • This is also a great post-surgery wrist and thumb splint for use after tendon reconstruction or an operation to open one’s tendon sheaths for better tendon glide, for example
  • This brace for treating radial styloid tensynovitis comes in five sizes fitting a wide range of wrist circumferences

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Bort De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Brace for Thumb Tendon Pain

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