Bort StabiloFix Pediatric Back & Shoulder Posture Brace for Children

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The Bort StabiloFix for Children is a multi-purpose kids back brace for posture and the positioning of the spine in children. The StabiloFix back brace for children promotes spine posture and helps in the stability of the thoracic spine.
Detailed Description

The Bort StabiloFix Pediatric Back Brace for Children

Poor posture for children is normally caused by such things as slouching in a position where the shoulders are always rolled forward. The StabiloFix works to hold the spine and body in a more comfortable and proper postion. Bad posture at an early age in a child’s life can cause discomfort later on in their life that is easily avoided with this posture back brace.

Features of the Bort StabiloFix Child Back Brace for Posture

  • Support for posture correction.
  • This kids back brace supports the clavicle—collar bone—and any injuries that it may succumb to including fractures.
  • Comfort from a non-elastic material that is soft on the skin.
  • The fitted tucks on the clavicle support can be shortened for a customized fit.
  • Is molded to the body of the child, especially in the underarm area which is crucial for the support of the thoracic spine and posture. 

A Back Brace for Kids Posture Support & Thoracic Spine Support

The thoracic spine is also known as the upper or middle back area. This area of the spine is a location that stabilizes and protects the organs and the chest area of the body. Proper support and care for posture in this area of the child’s body is not only great for discomfort later in life, it is also important for potential injuries to the more vital portions of the body. Spine posture is important at a young age as it often worsens with time and the Bort StabiloFix for Children works great to correct the source of the problem.

  • Color: blue

Sizing Chart

SizeChest Circumference
For Children19" - 28"
Measurement point: Circumference of chest measured below breast.

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Bort StabiloFix Pediatric Back & Shoulder Posture Brace for Children

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